Card Game Updates- Booster Set 8 & Ghost Game Printable Playmats, Large Tamer Exchange Party Online Winter 2021 Event, & New Road to Card Master


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Sep 8, 2006
A few different card game updates!

First up, printable playmats!

You get the playmats by doing questionnaires (Booster Set 8, Starter Deck 11) about getting the game. We've gone ahead and extracted the images from the PDF and put them in the gallery under promo items for the new card game. The image embeds above are a smaller version, but clicking it links to the full size ones so you can use and print them.

The first features Imperialdramon Fighter Mode from Booster Set 8 New Hero.

The second features the main characters from Ghost Game, using the cards from the recent Ghost Game promo pack, and is labeled as the printable playmat for Starter Deck 11 Special Entry Set. The image quality for this one was very compressed, and the PDF layout seemed to not line up properly for some reason. I've gone ahead and done my best to upgrade both of those. The center is the original output from the PDF, while the right is an attempt to make it a bit nicer for those who want that playmat.

And also focused from the new releases...

It's an episode of Digimon Classroom spinoff/side series 'Road to Digimon Card Master'

This time they introduce the new releases, and have a tag-team match using the various new cards. They tease a surprise at the end.

A few screenshots...


Previous episodes of Digimon Classroom & Road to Digimon Card Master.:
Episode 1- What is a Digimon?
Episode 2- What is the Evolution of Digimon? Plus Bath Salt Introduction with AR Function
Road to Digimon Card Master! (Card Game Introduction)
Episode 3- What is the Digital World? Plus Digimon Gummies & Stickers Introduction
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 1- Basic Rules Introduction
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 2- Putting Together a Deck
Road to Digimon Card Master Booster 3 Release Special- Booster 3 Usage in a Deck
Episode 4- What Are the Attributes of Digimon?
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 3 & 4- Rules & How It Works in a Match
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 5- Booster Set 4 Unboxing
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 6- Booster Set 4 Sample Match
Episode 5- Introducing Digimon LCD Toys through their History
Road to Digimon Card Master Episode 7- Card Game Q&A & Booster Set 5 Omegamon Zwart Preview
Episode 6- Introducing History of Digimon Digivices
Road to Digimon Card Master 8- Match Against Digimon Teacher
Episode 7- Vital Bracelet Introduction
Road to Digimon Card Master 9- Goto P Introduces Booster Set 5 Cards
Episode 8- Vital Bracelet Q&A and Episode 9- Volcanic Beat & Blizzard Fang Preview
Road to Digimon Card Master 10- Starter Deck 7 & 8 Intro, w/ Memory Gauges & Playmats Preview, & Match
Episode 10- Making of Agumon Drawing Song
Episode 11- Vital Bracelet Raid Battles & Arena Battles Preview
Road to Digimon Card Master 11- Double Diamond Student/Teacher Match
Digimon Classroom #12- Titan of Dust & Infinite Tide Preview Preview
Digimon Classroom #13- Drawing Contest Information
Digimon Classroom #14- Titan of Dust & Infinite Tide Training & Battle, and Road to Digimon Card Master 12- EX-01 Usage & Match
Digimon Classroom #15- Hermit in the Jungle & Nu Metal Empire Training
Road to Digimon Card Master- Booster Set 7 Match
Digimon Classroom #16- Digivice V & Gammamon Dim
Gammamon Drawing Song Video & Digimon Classroom #17- Making Of
Road to Digimon Card Master- Starter Deck 9 & 10 Match

And last up...


The Large Tamer Exchange Part Online Winter 2021 will be held on December 7th via Bandai TCG Online Lobby.

There are no advance signups for the event.

A few different items will be available during the online event...

500 people who answer a questionnaire will be entered in a lotto for Tamer Battle Pack 9.

100 players who played more than 3 matches will be entered into a lotto for the SlashAngemon winner's card (the Battle Pack 9 equivalent winner's card.)

They will also be selling the 'Digimon Card Game Limited Card Set Online' during the event for 1,320 yen. Details on what this is will be coming later.

The playmats look nice, Road to Digimon Card Master is always fun to get an update from, and hopefully we get more from the Limited Card Set Online soon.


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