Card Game Tamer Goods Set EX2- Fan Vote Angewomon & LadyDevimon Playmat & Parallel Cards


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Sep 8, 2006

It's been a bit of a wait, but we finally have news for Tamer's Goods Set EX2!

Nearly a year ago, there was a vote for what team/duo/group should get an accessory set. The winning set was Angewomon & LadyDevimon, and pre-order details are finally here!


The accessory pack features brand new art of Angewomon and LadyDevimon, with the mat also featuring a familiar silhouette in white.

The playmat meatures the new artwork, and is also an oversized playmat, being roughly 120% the size of standard mats. It's just under 2 feet wide and just over 1.1 feet tall.

The Angewomon and LadyDevimon cards feature the new artwork and are parallel cards for their cards from Starter Deck 10. Each card is included in the set 4 times, for a total of 8 cards.


Pre-orders for Card Game Tamer's Goods Set EX2 opens about in about an hour and a half from the time of this post at Premium Bandai for 5,000 yen. Pre-orders close on January 13th and it ships in April 2023.

It's been awhile since this came up, so nice to see it finally showing up. The art is very good, and the mat being oversized, with extra copies of the card is good, even if the price feels a bit high. Wouldn't be a shock for English versions of these to show up quickly.

A few extra bits...

Premium Bandai Japan is currently harder to access, so a bit extra for those who want to pre-order and not wait to see if there is an international release.

Some intermediaries will want not only want the urls of the items above, but may ask for the product name in Japanese as written on the page. Those names are given above, directly below the pre-order links.

If you want to be sure to nab something...

We've currently pared down the list of intermediaries we list due to some places closing and others becoming iffy in their communication, calling into question their reliability. If you have any stories, positive or negative, about any intermediaries, DM me with them so we can figure out who might be worth adding (or re-adding), since these aren't affiliate links or anything, simply suggested ways to make it easier for fans to nab stuff.

You'll want to contact an intermediary to get these items sent to you. WtW is not affiliated with any, but here are a selection of intermediaries that have worked well for various WtWers and their friends in the past:
From Japan
Rider Proxy

You'll want to provide your chosen intermediary with the link to the item. Just copy paste the link to the product pages for what you want and send them a message about it and they'll take care of it after they discuss pricing and their policies with you. The links embedded in the news article for the products are exactly what you'll need to send them.

Some of the intermediaries have a full storefront and may have the item listed, so you may want to check that first.


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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
This is really good, one of the best card game related products they have made.