Card Game Stream Updates- Large Tamer Exchange Meeting Report & Announcement of 1st Anniversary


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Sep 8, 2006

In 20 minutes from the time of this post the Digimon Card Game stream will begin.

The stream will have members of the Digimon Card Battle cast give an event report on the (online) Large Tamer Exchange Meeting. They also tease the members may have a battle.

After roughly an hour, they also plan to announce things for the 1st Anniversary of the card game.

We don't plan to do live updates for the Exchange Meeting portion (or any matches), but will update on any news that pops up.

Hopefully the stream is archived so people can rewatch it later.

A few tweets of hosts showing up at the studio

They showed off the playmat that was announced for the event. This WarGreymon mat will be sold at Premium Bandai, but is being sold early at the Large Tamer Exchange Meeting.

Them showing matches is going on longer than expected. Will make a news thread later.


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