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Sep 8, 2006

The May 2020 issue of Saikyo Jump is out in a few days, and copies are beginning to be out and about, so we get a decent look at the 2 promo cards for the Digimon Card Game included with it.

As we found out when shown off in V-Jump, these are promo cards of Agumon and Greymon with new artwork. Both look neat, and Agumon especially has a unique look to it.

The issue with the cards can be purchased here: (affiliate link)
May 2020 Saikyo Jump

Plus, for those still looking to nab the 0.0 Promo Pack...

Every issue of Volume 51 of Card Gamer will include the promo pack.

It's also worth mentioning that if you ordered anything Digimon related from Premium Bandai lately, they've seemingly been including the promo pack with Digimon items not announced to have them. The Kizuna Card Premium Editions are the one that we've seen a number of photos of, but others are possible. This is unannounced, so no guarantee it'll be included.

More ways to nab the promo pack isn't bad.

Amazon Japan currently has Card Gamer Volume 51 to pre-order.

Thanks to Touya for heads up on the Saikyo Jump image. Not sure on the original source at the moment.