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Sep 8, 2006

An image of part of a sales sheet for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 12 has shown up.

The text teases that connection to this also happening in Xros Wars with 'A New Xros Wars Begins', and also showing off various anime hero Digimon, using pre-existing art.

Point 1 focuses on how the set will have appearances from any number of popular anime Digimon, along with new Tamer cards to support them. Not a surprise, but the main new thing shown here would be Tagiru.

Point 2, if I'm understanding it correct, seems to say we'll see well known scenes from the anime redone in card form for the set. The tease of classic Taichi here is also notable, as he's only shown up in his tri. and Kizuna designs in the card game thus far, with all the younger Taichi cards being of the version from 2020. It also mentions that there is a heavy focus on this set allowing a wide variety of deck creation.

Thanks to digicaplayer for the image.

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