[BUYING] Various Digimon Figures


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Mar 3, 2013
Hello, here are my wishlist :
- D-Real Gallantmon Crimson Mode japanese version
- D-Real Beelzemon Blast Mode either versions
- D-Real Saberleomon
- D-Real Cyberdramon either versions
- D-Real Justimon with complete accessories, either versions
- D-Arts Wargreymon at good price or loose condition is also acceptable
- Yatagaramon/Peckmon digivolver at good price :D
- Season 2 Digidestined figures

I'm from Indonesia and I pay by paypal. I've done a lot of transactions before and here's a proof on ebay : http://myworld.ebay.com/nshinnosuke
if you have anything to offer me feel free to contact me or e-mail me at shinosuke_chocobi@hotmail.com

Thank you everyone :D
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