Butter-Fly -tri. Version- (tri. Part 6 ED, LE Version) Scans & Product Breakdown


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for the other version of this CD.

A few days before tri. Part 6 came out the ED was released!

Butter-Fly -tri. Version- is a new/updated version of the OP to Digimon Adventure tri. using Wada Kouji's vocal track alongside new vocals from AiM, Ayumi Miyazaki, and the cast of the kids and their Digimon partners: Natsuki Hanae, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Suzuko Mimori, Mutsumi Tamura, Hitomi Yoshida, Junya Ikeda, Junya Enoki, MAO, Miho Arakawa, Chika Sakamoto, Mayumi Yamaguchi, Atori Shigematsu, Takahiro Sakurai, Kinoko Yamada, Junko Takeuchi, Miwa Matsumoto, Yuka Tokumitsu, and Yukiko Morishita.

This is the first print Limited Edition version of the release.

The CD single is just the title track along with a karaoke version of the song.

The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

The scans went relatively well and there were no oddities or issues (well, one issue, but that'll show up at the end.)

The CD was packaged in a cardboard sleeve with a soft plastic holder for the disc. The slightly odd packaging was likely done so it would be sized properly to hold the bonus item.

The cover for this release is a fantastic piece of new art featuring all the kids and their Digimon looking up at a shining butter-fly while sitting around (and on) the train car. Everyone looks great on it, and the quality of the art is reasonably high.

The title and credit color is a nice orange that is used elsewhere in the release. Most notably the kids are credited in English as 'The DigiDestined.'

The artwork here is slightly more vertically oriented than the normal release.

If you look at the back you get a very simple single sheet of details.

The back of the cardboard sleeve contains credits and lyrics. The color is the same orange, while the artwork itself is darkened up a bit and doesn't show the kids or their Digimon.

Notably there is no UPC or other necessary elements, as they are included elsewhere.

A scan of the disc itself.

The disc design is very clean with just the butter-fly design from the cover in a nice vivid yellow, alongside the various disc details

On the left side of the case was an obi card.

A slightly more detailed obi than we tend to see. The front portion of this one emulated the portion of the cover it's covering up, alongside additional credit and product detail. This continues to the spine.

The back features a tracklist, along with advertising the normal version of the CD. The UPC code and some assorted details are here instead of on the back of the case itself.

The plastic wrap also contained a basic sticker...

It's just saying it's a limited edition and other basic details to help it stand out a little.

The bonus item is a poster of the cover art. Don't have a good scan of it yet... well I do, just not ready to upload yet...

Image Thumbnail (custom)

I scanned it insanely large in pieces, and my friend Logan was helping me put it together as perfectly as possible.

The image is so large that outputting a final version (before shrinking it for upload) is making Photoshop very unhappy. We're still working on it, but we're also both to stubborn to just output a shrunken master copy.

The image above is Mimi's eye from the poster (prior to any editing) just to give you an idea of how high the resolution we are working at is.

The poster will show up when we both have time to make sure it outputs properly, but it's not an insanely high priority since it's the same image as the cover, it'll just be a bit more crisp since it's off a bigger version of the image.

The new version of Butter-Fly is a pretty fantastic version of the song, and was a unique and fun way to end Digimon Adventure tri., by using a song everyone was familiar with they were able to use Wada Kouji's audio, while also mixing in 20 other people singing. It really worked well as an end song, along with a way to celebrate Digimon.

The LE with poster is nice, but it coming in a cardboard sleeve still seems odd to me (when they mentioned a sleeve I assumed it'd be a nice sleeve that covered a normal case.) While the physical packaging, and even the disc label itself are different, the disc itself seems to be the same, so deciding between the packaging (and bonus item) is all you need to do if you want to get it (while the LE is still in stock.)

This new version of Butter-Fly is still available to order: (Affiliate link)
Butter-Fly -tri. Version- tri. Part 6 ED CD (Normal)
Butter-Fly -tri. Version- tri. Part 6 ED CD (First Print Limited Edition)

Scans and a breakdown of the normal version can be found here.

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