Butter-Fly (Kizuna Release Version) CD & DVD- Scans & Product Breakdown


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Sep 8, 2006

Scans of the last Kizuna CD! Real life stuff delayed doing this and a few other things, so the rest of that should be coming up reasonably soon.

Butter-Fly is the original Digimon Adventure theme. The original version of the song with no arrangement changes is used in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and is what is on this disc. The song is sung by Wada Kouji.

The disc was released a few days before the movie came out in theaters in Japan.

The CD contains 4 tracks: the title track, Seven as a B-side track, and karaoke versions of both. This makes the CD itself identical to the original release back in 1999.

The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

The scans went relatively well and there were no oddities or issues.

The CD was packaged in a CD-Album style case (the normal CD case most people are familiar with) with a second disc tray on a flap.

The cover is the front to a small fold out booklet (more like a fold out pamphlet since it's so short.)

The cover for this release is new artwork of Taichi and Agumon laying on the beach. You can see their footprints as they walked over, along with shadows of Butter-Flies overhead. Taichi is holding his Digivice which is in it's activated colors.

The song logo is a relatively basic and clean Butter-Fly with a mock-signature beneath of Wada Kouji.

It's a nice piece of artwork that shows off the duo well.

The back of the booklet is orange with the various credit and legal info, along with the logo for the movie and the Digimon Adventure 20th logo.

The cover unfolds to show 2 inner pages.

Just a basic 2 page fold out. The lyrics to Butter-Fly is on the left side, while the right side has the lyrics to Seven.

On the left side you have an image of a butter-fly from Kizuna, while on the right you have a shot from the movie of Taichi reaching his hand out to Agumon. Both shots appeared in a number of trailers and commercials. At the bottom right are 7 colored stripes making a mock-rainbow, but the colors don't appear to match those for the crests, so if there is a specific meaning it isn't obvious at the moment, at least to me.

A scan of the discs themselves.

The CD uses a basic yellow print for it's label. Agumon's feet and a butter-fly are cut out of the label material, as are various legal information around the rim. The disc title, 'mock' signature, and logos use a brown print (with part of the eye in the logo being cut out material.)

The DVD uses the same theme, but without the Agumon footprint, and adding a second butter-fly. Instead of brown as it's secondary color it uses a bolder blue.

The DVD itself only contained one thing on it, with no menu.

It features a music video for Butter-Fly Piano Version with some basic animation and animated lyrics.

The music video is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long.

The DVD is encoded at 480i with the MPEG2 codec. It has an average bitrate of 7.1 Mbit. It has uncompressed PCM stereo audio.

The video quality isn't great, but is roughly what you'd expect. (A few more screenshots are in the gallery.)

Because this was a full CD case, it had some art under the tray which I cracked open.

We get simple orange again along with the various logos and butter-fly silhouettes.

The CD covers it all up when in the case, giving an all orange background.

The reverse side of this is the actual back cover of the CD case. It features a zoomed out version of the image from the front, with Taichi and Agumon no longer part of the image. It's a nice image, and suggestive to part of the theme of the movie based on the trailers and marketing. The back also includes the various logos and information you'd expect to be included in the package.

On the left side of the case was an obi card.

A basic but nice obi. Various information about the release is included.

There is no imagery on the obi minus the expected logos. The obi is slightly larger than normal to include details about the bonus DVD.

The package overall is pretty standard, minus the DVD, which is a nice touch, if a bit minimal (it feels like finding a recording of Wada Kouji, possibly from an early DigiFes or something might have worked better.)

The art and colors really work well, and I like the release. But it feels like something more would be warranted so it wouldn't just be a reprinting of the original Butter-Fly CD with some new art and a DVD with 3 minutes on it.

It is a nice release and I recommend it, I just would have liked more.

The Kizuna release of Butter-Fly will be out of print on Aug 18, 2020.

This is the last of the 4 CDs released right before Kizuna came out featuring music from the film. Hopefully whenever a home release comes out in Japan we get a score disc of some sort.

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