Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku Version CD/DVD Announced for September 2nd


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Sep 8, 2006

We knew this was coming, but it's certainly been awhile.

It's been announced that the Hatsune Miku version of Butter-Fly will be released on September 2nd for 1,364 yen. (The same day Kizuna comes out on home video in Japan.)

The song was originally released last year as part of the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure along with a number of other Digimon Adventure x Hatsune Miku collaboration things, including multiple items at pop-up and online shops, and it's been a bit of a wait for the CD.

The cover art, as expected, uses the key art from the collaboration, drawn by tri. character designer Uki Atsuya.

The CD includes:
Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku Version
Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku Version off vocal version
a DVD featuring the music video of Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku Version

The song was reasonably well received, and I imagine a number of people will be happy to own it, especailly since the price isn't bad.

It should be up for pre-order shortly.

Update- The Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku version CD/DVD combo is up to pre-order at CDJapan: (Affiliate link)
Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku version CD/DVD

The only 2 parts of the Miku collab we are still waiting to find out more about are:
The Hatsune Miku Collab Composition CD was expected for 2020, with Butter-Fly as part of it (although with it seeming to be based on multiple collaborations, it's possible no fan submitted Butter-Fly content was chosen.)
The Hatsune Miku Agumon Costume Nendoroid was announced, and then we never heard anything else about it.

The music video for Butter-Fly Hatsune Miku Version can be found here. (We can't currently embed niconico videos on the site.)


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