Brave Heart -Last Evolution Version- (Kizuna Insert Song) CD- Scans & Product Breakdown


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Sep 8, 2006

Another CD scan! Real life stuff delayed doing this and a few other things, so all of that should be coming up reasonably soon.

Brave Heart -Last Evolution Version- is the classic Digimon insert song, redone for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. The song is by Ayumi Miyazaki, who has done many songs for Digimon over 20+ years (including the original version of Brave Heart.)

The disc was released a few days before the movie came out.

The CD contains 4 tracks: the title track, the original version of Brave heart as a B-side track, and karaoke versions of both.

The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

The scans went relatively well and there were no oddities or issues.

The CD was packaged in a CD-Album style case (the normal CD case most people are familiar with.)

The cover for this release is new artwork of all the Adventure partner Digimon about to evolve. The imagery would be familiar to everyone, being based on the evolution stock animation as it appears in the original series.

It isn't necessarily anything special, but the imagery itself has a lot of meaning to fans in general, so it gets the point across very well.

The art is formatted wide over both the front and back of the insert, with the main affectation being the song title and Ayumi Miyazaki at the top white and red with a bit of extra shadowing to it.

The cover unfolds to show 2 inner pages.

Just a basic 2 page fold out. The lyrics to Brave Heart is on the left side, while the right side has screenshots of Omegamon, along with Taichi and Yamato.

The imagery itself appears to be based on the 'red' network space that appears in the film, but the way it's used here comes across more as the tri. 'mock' digital motif that a number of tri. products used. The red and yellow gives a rather sharp look to it that stands out a bit more than many of the slightly easier to stare at colors a number of releases have used recently.

The bottom left also includes a note that lyrics are only included once because the original version of Brave Heart uses the same lyrics as the new version.

A scan of the disc itself.

The disc design is a bold red. You get the movie and 20th anniversary logo, along with the song logo and Miyazaki text all in a stark black. It's a bit of a striking design, if maybe a touch overly simple.

Because this was a full CD case, it had some art under the tray which I cracked open.

This time we get a lot of red again, along with the Brave Heart and Miyazaki text in white (with various necessarily text in black.)

Everything is placed in a rough circle design like we saw in the end theme disc, so the CD actual covers it all up when in the case, giving an all red design.

The reverse side of this is the actual back cover of the CD case. It features a photograph of Ayumi Miyazaki with the red digital space design around him. The shirt and guitar have similar patterns overlaid on the photo. I'm not 100% sure I'm feeling the image overall to be honest, as stuff like the black text on red 'and' white at the same time isn't super pleasant to look at. The back also includes the various logos and information you'd expect to be included in the package.

On the left side of the case was an obi card.

A basic but nice obi. Various information about the release is included.

The back features a bit of the guitar image from the back cover to match when it's sitting on the case.

It's a relatively standard and nice looking CD package without much surprises for the packaging itself, which is expected for a standard CD release. The main focus for the packaging is the evolution art and the photo of Ayumi Miyazaki on the back.

I like the cover art for this release, but the red and digital motif doesn't feel like it goes with the cover very much, causing a slight disconnect, as they almost feel like they came from different releases.

It's a nice CD release overall, but a very dark blue or purple feels like ti would have matched the front image better.

If you want to order the CD, it is still available. Also available are the other 3 Kizuna CDs that came out at the same time.: (CDJapan affiliate links)
Insert Song- Brave Heart ~Last Evolution version~
Ending Song- Even if We're Apart
Opening Theme- Butter-Fly
Insert Song- What Lies Ahead

We already did a breakdown of What Lies Ahead, which can be found here.
We also already did a breakdown of Even if We're Apart, which can be found here here.

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