BOTB - The Rules [Updated 14th Jan 12]


V-Tamer Vande
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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield
The rules are simple:

- You get one vote and one vote only on each category.

- No changing vote, if you are unsure if someone counts before voting then ask. The only exception will be if you choose a Child Level Digimon for the Adult level thread or similar. Saying something like 'I meant to vote for Tailmon rather than Greymon' or similar in a thread will not count.

- No influencing anyone else to vote the way you want them to vote.

- Any off-topic, arguments or any general shit in the BOTB topics, WILL result in a warning. I'm getting a little tired of 'technicalities' of evil and the like. This is supposed to be fun, not me having to babysit threads.

- Make your vote clear, i don't want to have to read through a wall of text to see the vote.

- Also don't post stating you don't know who to vote for, i'll just delete the post.

Each week some topics will be posted on the Sunday with them being closed on the Saturday for vote counting.

Some of the topics will be polls, some will be regular post topics. This is because some topics would be too big to make polls.

In the event of a tie. then a poll will be made with the tied choices this is called a vote off. If that ends in a tie, then the poll will be declared a draw.

For polls you will not see how things are going until AFTER the poll ends.

If there are any additional instructions for any of the categories will be posted in the topic when it goes live.

Rules subject to change