Booster Set 4 Packaging, plus Tamers Battle Pack 3 (& new Winners Card) & 3rd Digimon Web Scene Vote Card in December


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Sep 8, 2006
A few more card updates!

First up, a promo image and the booster pack packaging for Booster Set 4 Great Legend. It features the same artwork we saw on the recent promo poster.

Digimon Card Game Booster Set 4 Great Legend is scheduled for release on December 18th.

Next up, we have a new battle pack!

The third Tamer Battle Pack will be given away to all participants at Tamer Battle events in December.

It features parallel cards of:
Monzaemon from booster 1
MegaloGrowmon from booster 2
RiseGreymon from booster 2
Algomon (Perfect) from booster 2

Each of these work the same as any other parallel card, they have different artwork, but are for gameplay and deck building purposes, the same card as the card they are parallel cards of.

Winners at those Tamer Battle events will get a new Winners card...

The Winners Card this time is an alternate parallel card of RiseGreymon.

And last up...

We knew the winners of the Digimon Web favorite scene votes (winners were announced at DigiFes) would be made into cards, and it's time for the second one. (The first, based on Digimon Adventure, was given away at October Tamer Meeting events, while the second, based on Digimon Adventure 02, was given away at November Tamer Meeting events.)

The third card released will be the Adventure tri. card. It will be a participation card beginning in December at Tamer Meeting events.

The cards for Kizuna will likely follow in January if the pattern holds.

Packaging for the new booster looks pretty nice, the new scene vote card is about what we expected, and the new Battle Pack has some interesting choices.

We have clean images for Starter Decks 4, 5, and 6!

We've also started to get previews from Booster Set 4 Great Legend. Our largest preview so far was in V-Jump.

We also recently got our first information about Booster Set 5 Battle of Omega!

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power
V-Tamer Promo Cards
Purple/Black Promo Set
Tamer Battle Pack 1 and Tamer Battle Winner's Card
Booster Set 3 Union Impact


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Feb 23, 2007
I'm happy that Algomon Perfect in human form is still existing. And amazing arts on RiseGreymon and MegaloGrowmon!

Monzaemon with Etemon, Ex-Tyranomon and Numemon plushies reminded me of DW1's Toy Town. But again the background with the bricks is different and it didn't match well for DW1 reference but it's cute art anyways.


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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
Patamon's Confession
[Main] When you have a Tamer named "T.K. Takaishi" in play, put 1 of your Digimon cards named "Patamon" to the bottom of your Security face down. Discard that Digimon's Digivolution Sources
[Security] Add this card to your hand

the other cards are ones we've seen before.

lol the pink in the packaging art makes it look like we're having a crush on the Greymons but I can't stress enough how much I adore the Monzaemon art. The RizeGreymon art though is a downgrade only because his original art where he's fighting an entire army of Metal Empire digimon is one of my top favorites in the entire card game
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