Booster Set 3 Union Impact Clean Packaging


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Sep 8, 2006

After finding out about it about a month ago, and getting a proper preview in V-Jump just a few days ago, we have a nice preview image of the full Imperialdramon art from the Card Game website, plus a clean image of the booster pack packaging (which does indeed match the image we got a month ago.)

Details line up with what we found out a month ago with the same card distribution that set 2 had:
44 Common
30 Uncommon
26 Rare
10 Super Rare
2 Secret Rares

The set is scheduled for release on October 30th.

Card previews will hopefully start soon, and while the information is all stuff we already had, good to get it confirmed officially.

We've also gotten info for Green, Purple, and Black starter decks coming in November.

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