Booster Set 3 Packaging, Event Card Promotional Images, & 2nd Tamer Battle Pack Announced


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Sep 8, 2006
A few card game updates!

First up, a look at the box itself for Booster Set 3 Union Impact. It's about what we expected based on prior artwork we had.

We also have a better look at the card packs themselves...

We've had the card pack image a few times in the past, but this is the largest and cleanest look at it so far.

The image as provided (right side) was a bit garish, with the colors set for accurate printing. They wouldn't quite normalize to what you would expect for viewing after a quick attempt, but the left side is at least the color settled down a bit. The colors should be roughly accurate to the booster box image above.

And then some updates for some event cards in Japan...

We recently found out about upcoming event cards, and now we have some promo sheets for them.

Everyone at a Tamer Meeting event beginning in October will get the Adventure Digimon Web favorite scene card, featuring the scene voted on by fans as their favorite scene from Digimon Adventure. Cards for 02, tri., and Kizuna will follow (likely at future Tamer Meeting events.)

Those who win a Tamer Battle event beginning in October will get an exclusive parallel card of ST2-08 WereGarurumon.

The WereGarurumon promo sheet also reveals a 2nd Tamer Battle Pack will be released at the same time. It appears the new battle pack will be given to all those participating in Tamer Battle events in October. Based on the packaging (and the 1st battle pack), a standard version of the WereGarurumon card will be included, along with 3 more new parallel cards.

Thanks to digimontcg02 for the promo sheet images.

Booster Set 3 Union Impact comes out in October. We got our first extended look at it in a recent issue of V-Jump, plus recently got a clean look at the booster pack packaging.

Pre-orders for the Green, Purple, and Black starter decks have opened. They are out in November.

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Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
Lovely image of CresGarurumon that is finally viewable.

Oh boy he does look like X antibody design.