Better Images of Digimon Pops, Plus Packaging


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
A small but fun update...

Funko updated their website with great quality images of the upcoming Digimon Pops, including packaging shots.

We still don't know an exact release date yet. Funko has said August, a few retails were showing September, so I'd guess late August for the time being.

The first wave of Digimon figures were up at Amazon for $10.99 each, although at the moment they show unavailable, perhaps being put up a touch early, but hopefully pre-orders will reopen soon: (affiliate links)
Season 1 Tai
Season 1 Agumon
Season 1 Matt
Season 1 Gabumon

Thanks to Digimon World Espana for the heads up.

Previous news on the Digimon Pops can be found here.