Before I forget to do this, here's an intro thread. Whatever.


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Aug 24, 2019
Anywhere, but here
So.... I had been having the craving to look into Digimon stuff, and I didn't really have too many friends that was really was into Digimon (I do have one, but he's not into large forums). I figured this was probably the logical step for me, by joining WtW. I already had made a post or two here, but I really should've made my intro thread first. Shame on me.

Anyways, what can I say about myself in a short n' sweet way? I like drawing (current avatar was my work), talking about game development and, well... the weird unholy stuff you can find online. Also animals too, I guess.
Oh yeah before anyone asks, my favorite Digimon are Raptordramon, Megadramon, Floramon, Holydramon, and many, many others. I spend a lot of time these days browsing through Wikimon, and I'm now playing through Digimon games (having running out of anime episodes to watch) while playing around with the Digital Monster Ver.20th. Yup, totally into Digimon here.