Ayumi Miyazaki Live 2021 Announced for March 31st, Also Streaming


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Sep 8, 2006

It's been awhile since an Ayumi Miyazaki concert, for obvious reasons, but they've announced one for next month.

Ayumi Miyazaki Live 2021 will take place March 31st at the Hy Town, at Big Fun Heiwajima (3rd floor), Tokyo, Ota City, Heiwajima, 1-1-1.


Doors open at 6pm, concert starts at 7pm.

The band will feature Imajo (from Psychic Lover) on guitar, Tabokun on bass, and Deguchi Kent on drums.

Tickets are being done slightly different this time. There will be no ticket pre-orders, just reservations to make things easier to deal with (less fees, make it easier to not worry if things get cancelled due to coronavirus) with payment being at the reception desk when doors open.

Advance reservation makes tickets 5,500 while day of will be 6,000 yen, with reservations closing on March 30th, or when they hit the maximum number of people. Seats are unreserved and will be assigned based on reservation order

Ticket purchases includes mineral water (will be placed at the seat ahead of time for convenience and safety) along with an original postcard that's been autographed.

They will also have a pre-concert photo session with Miyazaki. The line for this will start at 3:45pm, and there won't be advance tickets for the same reason as above. It's 2,000 yen for 2 photos, and you get a Polaroid commemorative sheet with your photos, along with an autographed card.

The concert will also be livestreamted. Details of the stream will be announced at a later time.

No news on exclusive products. If there are any we'll likely find out shortly before the concert.


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