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Sep 8, 2006

The August Digimon Calendar has been uploaded!

'Digimon Calendar' will be delivered at the beginning of each month to allow easy 'at a glance' Digimon updates for what is coming up.

Digimon Calendar contains 2 sections...


The actual calendar, which is quick at a glance details. (Dates/days are for Japan, based on on where you live it might be off slightly.)

It should be noted, the info, while decently wide, is not comprehensive. For example, they aren't showing Fun Digica and various other things which might be released as a surprise, along with some things that they just aren't announcing specific dates for (and some things that they've just chosen not to list.)

If there is a symbol in the top right, that means there is a magazine with planned Digimon content (the 21st for V-Jump for example.)

The reddish box on Sundays is for episodes of Digimon Adventure: (with the orange box on Monday being on demand repeats.)

Yellow boxes are for videos delivered via Bandai (the ones with the logo are delivered by Bandai Mania, which has been Digimon Classroom, Road to Digimon Card Master, etc.).

The slightly greyish boxes on Thursday are for Digimon Card Battle episodes.

Digimon Profile is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month with the magnifying glass icon (as space allows.) Every other Wednesday is also a new fan poll.

There are also various additional things for August: (this isn't comprehensive, some smaller bits aren't translated)
August 1st- DigiFes
August 2nd- Dim Card EX2 Digimon Tamers Pre-orders open
August 4th- Saikyo Jump released (this is listed differently since Saikyo doesn't always have Digimon content)
August 6th- Digimon X US Release, Adventure: Escape Room Opens (Through October 3rd)
August 7th- Digimon Tamers Kitchen Car @ Ario Ueda in Nagano (Also the 8th)
August 9th- Shodo MetalGreymon & WereGarurumon Pre-orders Close
August 14th- Dim Card Vol.03 Hermit in the Jungle & Nu Metal Empire Release
August 16th- The Digimon New Collection 1, 2, & Impulse City Pre-Orders Close
August 25th- Digimon Adventure OST Volume 2 Released
August 27th- Digimon Card Game Booster Set 7 New Adventure Releeased
August 31st- Dim Card Holster w/ Dynasty of the Evil Dim Pre-Orders Close

On top of the calendar itself...


'Topics' covers a few specific items of note. These aren't 'always' related to the month, but are things they want you to know about.

This month it's all Ghost Game and the Vital Bracelet:
They mention Ghost Game starts this fall, the QR code goes to the teaser site.
The Digivice V is mentioned as coming out, etc.
Then to follow up on that, basic release details for the 3 Ghost Game Dim Cards.
We also get basic info on Hermit in the Jungle and Nu Metal Empire.
Dim Card EX2 Tamers is gone over. This would also seem to confirm EX2 is a Premium Bandai exclusive.
The Gulfmon raid boss and VB App is mentioned.

The August lineup is about what you'd expect, especially with so much announced at DigiFes, which has already passed.


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May 14, 2021
Seeing as I'm a big Reference Book nut, I would've liked them to put the days of the updates on the calender, too. Or to be more consistent, like an update every friday. The latter which they did years ago, by the way.

Obviously a very minor gripe, but still... It's one of the Digimon-things I'm most interested in, next to the Vital Bracelet news and Card art.