Appmon Manga Volume 1 Cover and Bonus Card Preview


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
We found out recently the first volume of the Appmon manga would be getting a release soon!

Image Thumbnail (custom)

With the release being 2 weeks away we finally have a preview of the cover thanks to the newest V-Jump.

We expected it to be the Appmon manga key art, but I think what we got is much better.

It's a nice group shot of all the main characters.

In addition, we knew an exclusive DCD card would be included.

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The exclusive card is a new card of Globemon with Haru drawn by the manga creator, Naoki Akamine.

The first volume will be released on April 4th for 400 yen.

CDJapan Pre-order Page (Affiliate Link.)

Previous news about the Appmon Manga can be found here.

Various editing was done to the images above to make them more presentable.