AppliMonsters Manga Chapter 1 Discussion (V-Jump Manga)


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Jan 2, 2012
So, I wanted to post this a few days ago, but only now I got time. This is the discussion for the first chapter of the manga. I haven't seen the first anime episode yet, but I expect the plot to be very similar. Anyway, here it goes.

The chapter is titled "Protagonist Launch" (主人公起動). Here, "launch" seems to be as in "launching a program".

Summary based on what I could understand without a translation.

The chapter starts with Haru at the AR Field on October 1, 16:42PM. Haru narrates about how this is his story and he's a protagonist.
We go back to Haru's school at 15:42PM. Haru is reading Terry and the Magical World (テリーと魔法の世界) while being watched by a security cam. Ai appears and says it's a good book and she likes the protagonist. Haru then meets Yūjin who just striked a goal in a soccer game or training. and the two walk home after school. They help a man who is lost and trying to get to the station.
Haru and Yūjin then see a news broadcast on a building's giant TV about AppTube and Astra. Apparently, there's something wrong with users' accounts. They then run into Ai, who is crying because she's being bullied on Twitter Tsubuyaki. Or her account got hacked. Not sure yet. Yūjin comforts her like a real protagonist, and Haru parts ways with them.

On his way, Haru finds a vending machine asking if he's a protagonist and gets an Applidrive from it. Gatchmon then comes out from his phone. Navimon and Tsubumon then show up spreading chaos and Gatchmon tells Haru about Leviathan. Haru follows Navimon and Tsubumon to the AR Field to fight them. Navimon injuries Gatchmon fatally. Gatchmon then tells Haru "Appliarise" and turns back into a Chip. Haru decides that he's a protagonist and Appliarises Gatchmon who turns Navimon into a Chip. Haru Appliarises Navimon and they fuse into DoGatchmon, who defeats Tsubumon.

Meanwhile, in another AR Field, Haru and Rei collect an Appmon Chip (looks like Roleplaymon, but I'm not sure). The next day, Haru is walking with Yūjin while they are watched by a security cam in the street.

A few bullet points:
-Between the prologue and the start of Haru's day, there's a panel with a quote by Stephen Hawking: "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." Man, that's so ominous, with AI being the theme and all.
-Haru's school is called Fujimizaka Middle School (ふじみ坂中学校), which is not the same school as the 3DS game. This confirms the 3DS and anime are set in different areas. Also, the name is also a mix of kanji and kana, although this time hiragana. I'm guessing all other schools in this series, like Eri and Torajirō's and possibly others, will follow the same naming pattern.
-The station the man was looking for is Fujimizaka Central Station (ふじみ坂中央駅). I'm guessing Appmon may be set in a fictional city.
-Eri cameos in an outdoor, and Torajirō in that news broadcast.
-Appmon return to being Chips when fatally injured.
-Haru appears to be in love with Ai and seems to be jealous of Yūjin's protagonistness.
-Leviathan's logo looks like a winged plesiosaur.
-Oh man, they did it, didn't they? Yes, they did it. I thought this couldn't happen. Like, no, seriously, I thought the only possible way Agumon could ever dream of appearing in Appmon was if they redesigned him into a "Monster Game Appmon" or something like that. But they still found a way to sneak him AND Gabumon here. I wonder if other Digimon will get cameos like that. Maybe a Monzaemon keychain will appear.


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Sep 8, 2006
Changed the topic name a bit just to clarify which manga it is more since there are two of them.


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Jun 5, 2013
Hmm... I definitely see this going in the same direction as the Xros Wars Manga. While there are indeed a few scenes at the beginning that closely follow events from the first episode the second half of the chapter already seems to get completely off the rails. In the Anime Gatchmon doesn't directly appear after the scene with the vending machine. The first virus Appmon that appears in the anime is a Messemon, not Tsubumon and Navimon, and DoGatchmon hasn't appeared in the anime yet. But seeing as Navimon will appear in the next episode, it could also simply be that the manga condenses the events of the first two episodes.

generally I have to say it's quite a good and interesting looking manga. I don't see styles with those kind of thick lines that often. particularly on the Appmon themselves this style with its large black shadows and variable line weight looks really similar to the style Kenji Watanabe uses for the bandai illustrations which isn't really something any previous Digimon manga tried to emulate. And while I still hold up Next as the Digimon manga with the best looking artwork (as far as the Digimon are concerned; humans just looked quite generic) this could easily come second or maybe even surpass it, depending on how the more complex higher level appmon will look in that style.
I guess the only criticism art wise (and I might have mentioned this already when some of the promo images showed up) is that for the human designs their eyes are drawn a bit too far apart sometimes. But it's not as distracting as I feared it to be and doesn't happen too often. So it's a promising start.


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Jul 3, 2016
Harry Potter Terry and the Magical World, heh.