AppliMonsters Episode 34: Thank You Future! Welcome to AI Town!

Jay Ukyou

Resistance is Futile
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May 14, 2007
Nagoya, Japan
If we're being honest, most of the episodes between 12 and 34 could stand to be rewritten a bit...

And honestly, you don't need Knight and the Ultimate 4 to do this episode. The interesting parts of this episode were showing the AI town and people working for L-Corp and the fact that L-Corp owns a manmade island! (...)

That could have happened waaay back during Mienumon's 'arc' and done a lot to establish the setting. You could have even replaced that inane Puzzlemon episode. Knight and the Ultimate Four could show up around the same time frame, but with a more serious story for their introduction, instead of tossing world-building in at well over the half-way point of the series...