Anniversary Exhibition Adding Projection Mapping Show at Night & More Products


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Sep 8, 2006
An Exhibition update!

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We knew updates were coming to the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Exhibition, but a few more things are being added.

City Light Fantasia by Naked New World is being held concurrently with the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Exhibition in Sky Garden.

Starting August 3rd and ending August 31st, Digimon themed projection mapping will be added to City Light Fantasia (the image is their artistic example of it) as part of the anniversary celebration at Yokohama Landmark Tower's Sky Garden.

City Light Fantasia by Naked New World is a night event launched in 2014, with the company Naked doing planning and production work for it.

After the standard 8 minute display screening of City Light Fantasia, the children and partners from Digimon Adventure will appear projection mapped onto the night view and sky of Yokohama.

It will be run 7pm to 9pm daily. On Friday, Saturday, and some special days it will run until 10pm. Final admission will be done 30 minutes before the scheduled end time.

There will be no viewing fee itself for the show, but Sky Garden itself will have it's standard entry fee that we've gone over before.

On top of that, new items have been added to the Limited Base branch store running at the exhibition.

These are all items that were at the Adventure Halloween pop-up shop. Descriptions are copy pasted (with some minor editing where appropriate) from our write-up of that pop-up shop.

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9 different Digimon furoshiki (wrapping cloth, like you'd see characters use to carry bentos and other items in anime.) There's the 9 partners, plus PicoDevimon! Each is 1,700 yen.

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Who doesn't love socks! There are 2 types, an Agumon/Tailmon pair, and a Gabumon/Patamon pair. Each pair is 1,300 yen.

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A face towel featuring a painting of the train car in the digital world. It costs 3,500 yen.

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Four egg cushions! Each features a partner Digimon in a lower level. Each is 2,500 yen.

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A drawstring bag featuring the new key art in a rather fun formation. It's 850 yen.

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This stainless steel water bottle has Taichi and Yamato in costumes based on their Digimon at the adult level. It costs 2,500 yen.

A few returning projects and a light show at night. I hope we get some footage of the show, or at least a few reports from people going to it.

Update- Corrected some time details above.