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Sep 13, 2006

Now for the anime/manga fandom survey!
For each of your fandoms you love, name...

1. A character you absolutely worship
2. A character you like
3. A character you could give or take
4. A character you don't really care for
5. A character you'd like to bash


1. Joe Kido - he may be clumsy and a worrywart yet he is funny, responsible and cute in a nerdy way

2. Yamato Ishida (a.k.a Matt) - he is a handsome lone wolf of the group with a soft spot for his little brother but the only thing that irritates me are those crazy fangirls.
Gomamon - this seal digimon is Joe's partner, he has an interesting sarcastic humor.
Tailmon (a.k.a Gatomon) - she is a cat digimon with an interesting personality and she has a cooler evolution. She may be cute but she is also a fighter!

3. Takeru Takaishi (a.k.a TK) - he may be an annoying crybaby at first but he is too cute (8 years old) and he becomes handsome in 02.
Mimi Tachikawa - she may be fun to watch but I cannot stand her dub counterpart
And the rest of the digidestineds and digimons...

4. Picodevimon - quite an annoying little pest though he's funny at times
Agumon - he can be annoying at times

5. Do the crazy, bitchy and over-posessive Yamato fangirls count?
Etemon - the irritating monkey rocker villain digimon


1. Joe Kido - refer to 01 except that he is more of a handsome nerd

2. Ken Ichijouji - he has two personas; on the bad side, he is a cool Digimon Kaizer villain who is a genius and a badass. On the good side, I felt sorry for him when he reformed.
Yamato Ishida (a.k.a Matt) - refer to 01 except that he is a sexy rocker bishonen
Gomamon - refer to 01 even though he is a recurring character
Tailmon (a.k.a Gatomon) - refer to 01
Wallace - he's such a sweetie

3. Takeru Takaishi (a.k.a TK) - he is the pre-teen version of his 01 counterpart, he has some experience and he's handsome. But his serious dark persona should be focused more in the series
Hikari Yagami (a.k.a Kari Kamiya) - even though she can be slutty with clothes (sort of) to some, she still has a cheery kind heart
And the rest of the digidestineds and digimons...
Michael - I pity this bashed American digidestined. If it weren't for his dub voice, I would have liked him since he's humble to the others
And the same goes to the rest of the digidestineds and digimons...

4. Miyako Inoue (a.ka Yolei) - she can be quite whiny but more opinionated.
Daisuke Motomiya (a.k.a Davis) - sometimes he really irritates me with his shallow crush on Hikari and he is too brash.
Rosa - her crush on Ken and Stingmon is too scary for this little Mexican digidestined

5. Iori Hida (a.k.a Cody) - he is just too narrow-minded and judgemental
Jun Motomiya - like most Yamato fangirls in real life, she is the irritating non-digidestined sister of Daisuke Motomiya


1. Ruki Makino (a.k.a Rika Nonaka) - she is a hardass tough girl

2. Ryo Akiyama - I think I find him interesting, I just don't know why...
Impmon - he is a lone imp digimon with an interesting angsty loner personality, he also has a cool evolution
Calumon - he is too cute to dislike him.

3. Renamon - she's a cool anthro fox digimon but has too many yiff-obsessed fans. O_O (They scare me. Really scare me.)
Yamaki - he starts out as a mean scary guy but at least he's not so bad compared to Kurata of Digimon Savers and also I like his shades!
And the rest of the tamers and digimons

4. Devas - those digimons are really a yawn...though I find Mihiramon the tiger Deva cool
Juri Katou - I never liked her, her creepy dog puppet scares me and she becomes an angsty damsel in distress in the climax episodes
Lee Shuichon - she may cute to some (7 years old) but I never like her China doll look and the way she treats the cute digimons like dolls makes me shudder
Ai and Mako - I know they are little kids but they can be annoying at times

5. Dumb 02-obsessed fans who ignore all of the other seasons!
D-Reaper - DIE JELL-O!


1. Kouichi Kimura - He has an interesting past, character and he is too kawaii.

2. Kouji Minamoto - I like loners with an interesting personality.

3. Junpei Shibayama (a.k.a JP) - even though he is obnoxious and fat, I feel sorry for him.
Lucemon - he may be a cool final villain digimon who looks like a fallen angel but a very little focus on him can make him dull.

4. Izumi Orimoto (a.k.a Zoe) - she may be an only female character but she is rather bland and her only purpose of the show is just slutty beauty.
Takuya Kanbara - This goggle boy is just blah...

5. Neemon - this sleepy digimon may be a comic relief but he is like Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars Episode I (irritating and unnecessary).


1. Gaomon - I like his voice, bandana and he is cleverer than Agumon

2. Masaru Daimon - I like this tomboy...I mean street fighter boy, his humor is fun to watch and his badass personality reminds me of my hot-tempered self!
Tohma Norstein - he's too shrewd and charming
Satsuma - this commander is just too handsome and I like his digimon Kudamon

3. Yoshino - her catchphrases can be a pain at times but I don't mind her as she is the only girl of her Savers squard (not counting the adults)
Ikuto - he may be annoying but I feel sorry for him since he was raised in Digital World and he lost his foster mother.

4. Lalamon - she is just too weak and a little uncute though I don't mind Lilamon
Agumon - his voice can be annoying
DATS girls (Miki and Megumi) - they are just...meh...

5. Gotsumon - that little sneaky zealot devil...
Kurata - he's a real cunning bastard for deleting the digimons!
The chairman whom I don't remember his name - that midget is so annoying and he reminds me of my hated principal!


1. Hideto - he's such an angsty emo hottie

2. Neo Saiba - I find him better and more evil than the Digimon Kaizer of the anime
Sigma - I feel sorry for this lonely geek and I like his mask
Zero - his quotes can reallly crack me up

3. Rei Saiba - I do not mind her though I first thought that she was a Hikari/Sora rip-off
Rosemon - she can a cool femme fatale but a little bimboish like Mari
Igamon - he can be funny at times
Pal and Pul - same as Igamon
Taichi - he's a brilliant strategist but he sometimes confuses me if there is a crossover to the Digimon anime

4. Gabo - quite ugly to me in the manga style and sometimes annoying as Bokomon
Mari - she's a bimbo and a bitchy version of dub Mimi

5. Arkadimon - One word...DIE!

GINGA NAGAREBOSHI GIN (the anime/manga is all about dogs in action)

1. Smith – I like that comedy relief and his sarcasm
Riki – need I say more?

2. Kai Brothers – I like all the Kai brothers but I prefer Chutora
Gin – At least he isn’t as bratty as Weed and he’s more of a believable fighter
John – he may be a stuck-up jerk but I like his voice, determination and how he turned out to be braver in GDW.
Hakuro – his strange sense of humor turns me on.
Oliver – I like his voice and his size should not be underestimated!
Cross – I love this fighting female with a soft heart
Kisaragi – I don’t know why I like him

3. The Humans – I only like a few humans – Daisuke may be a bratty kid but he cared for the dogs, Gohei is rather interesting when it comes to his determination despite his old age but I really hate Hidetoshi the snob.
The Wolves (manga) – they have cool attacks but too many super dogs can be a little boring.

4. Hyena – he is a cowardly wimp even GB and Hayato can do better than him!
Bemu – he is too creepy to me

5. Akakabuto and other bears – bears are boring but I hate Akakabuto the most
Rokusuke and Beth (manga) – they are very useless


1. George (manga) - he is a handsome half-saluki with a cool interesting personality and he's a fighter. I also love his scars.
Smith - Though I like his GNG personality, he is matured and wiser

2. Kyoushiro - I like his scars and attacks, he may be brash and hot-tempered but he has a soft heart on the puppies.
Cross - refer to GNG
Yukimura (manga) - he is an elder brother of Weed but he is a fairer leader like his father.
Bat - he is very unique for a blind henchdog
Ron (manga) - if only this German Shepherd police dog isn't neglected in the manga, I would like him more than Jerome.
Tesshin - ninja dogs are cool and he should have become an Ohu leader after Gin.
Akame – an older wiser ninja dog

3. Buruge - I prefer his manga counterpart to the anime.
Gin - his little focus in the anime can make him a weak boring character despite my interest for him.
Jerome - he may be a fighter with a strong personality but I never like his anime counterpart. I feel that the manga and the anime has become a 'Ginga Densetsu Jerome show' for him.
Ridia (manga) – she may have caused trouble for poor Jerome but she’s hot and cunning

4. Weed - I can't stand his bratty anime counterpart though he is cute.
Hougen - He may be a mad sadistic serial killer but I felt sorry for him when he mourned for his dead brother.
Reika – she’s kinda whiny
Kite – his anime counterpart is worse for being a Sniper rip-off than his manga counterpart.

5. Shougun (manga) - that baboon is scary, idiotic and he seriously needs to die.
Rushi (manga) – Terry’s wife in the manga, she is very bitchy that she cause the trouble for Sakura


1. Kiba - this alpha wolf has a very complicated past and is a loner at heart yet he has some determination to find paradise.

2. Tsume - he may be a tough wolf but he has a soft heart.
Hige - he is rather too cute and a bit of a comic relief.

3. Toboe - he may be a cute wolf boy but he has too many obsessed fangirls with scary pairings
Hubb - he may start off as dull but he is actually a comic relief of the anime (e.g. his allegies to anything)
Blue - she is a tough she-wolf with an interesting personality and her relationship with Hige but I never like her manga counterpart.

4. Cheza - she is more of a Mary-Sue to me
Darcia - If only he doesn't have a horrible mask, he would be ia hottie and his wolf form is cool.
Cher - she can be quite a boring human though she has brains

5. Quent Yaiden - he is a drunk bastard wolf hunter that reminds me of most wolf haters in real life.
Would you like to try do a survey?


V-Tamer Vande
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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield

1) Vamdemon - Kawaii Vampire ^_^
2) PicoDevimon - who can't like the little rouge?
3) Lucemon FM - could've been better but he was ok
4) Hikari - 8th child what can i say
5) Daisuke - Like to bash...i DO bash

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

1) Fai D'Flowright (sp) for what he's just become ^_^
2) Syaoran (normal)
3) Kurogane
4) Sakura...she could have way more indepth on her
5) Monoka - little pork bun

Fullmetal Alchemist

1) Lust ^_^
2) Envy - i'd love to change shape like he does
3) Roy - knowing what he does in the manga and seeing how different to the anime....this guy i have a love/hate for
4) Gluttony - no character to him...
5) Dante - god she annoys the hell outta me


Ain't got no mojo...
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Sep 10, 2006
Travelling between worlds.
The current ones...

1. A character you absolutely worship: Syaoran! (I think I'm in love with him... XD)
2. A character you like: Mokona for sure. And Fai. And Kurowan. And Sakura. I like them all! O-O
3. A character you could give or take: Clow Reed. Not sure what he does...
4. A character you don't really care for: I care for all of them. ;)
5. A character you'd like to bash: Primera maybe. She's a little too pretentious.

1. A character you absolutely worship: Yuuko-sama!
2. A character you like: Watanuki.
3. A character you could give or take: Himawari.
4. A character you don't really care for: Doumeki. (No wait. He gets on my nerves.)
5. A character you'd like to bash: The Rain Child. She totally gets on my nerves because she picks on Watanuki!

Ouran High School Host Club
1. A character you absolutely worship: The Hitachiin Brothers!
2. A character you like: Honey-chan!
3. A character you could give or take: Kyouya...
4. A character you don't really care for: Renge. As long as she doesn't pop up all the time...
5. A character you'd like to bash: Benio from Lobelia. (You! Leave Haruhi alone!)

Gundam SEED
1. A character you absolutely worship: Cagalli.
2. A character you like: Athrun.
3. A character you could give or take: Nicol.
4. A character you don't really care for: Yzak. I no longer hate him.
5. A character you'd like to bash: Flley! (Hey! Why are you "bothering" Kira?)


I come from the net
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Sep 9, 2006
Digimon Tamers

1. Guilmon
2. Takato
3. Henry
4. Orochimon
5. Yamato (early)

Hikaru no Go

1. ? Hikaru/Sai ?
2. Akira
3. Old Man Kuwabara
4. Kaga
5. Ochi! - He's too mean.

Yakitate!! Japan

1. Azuma/Kawachi/Pierrot
2. Suwabara
3. Manager
4. Y?ichi Kirisaki
5. Yukino (That evil b*tch)


1. Inuyasha
2. Miroku
3. Kanna
4. Naraku
5. Hakudoshi

Yu Yu Hakusho

1. Kurama
2. Yusuke
3. Kuwabara
4. Seiryuu (sp)
5. Younger Toguro


1. Yoruichi-san/Urahara-san
2. Kon
3. Ishida
4. Kariya
5. Kurotsuchi Mayuri - I detest!!

Rurouni Kenshin

1. Kenshin ?
2. Seijuro
3. Megumi
4. Aoshi
5. Houji

Ne, that's all for now~


I'm a Maniac
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Sep 10, 2006
Sonic X
1. Shadow (although i could choose also Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Cream and Cheese ^_^;; )
2. Rouge
3. Messenger Robo
4. Team Chaotix
5. Dr. Eggman

Digimon Savers
1. Gaomon
2. Masaru
3. Mercurimon
4. Hashiba
5. Gotsumon -.-"

thats it for now~


Ain't got no mojo...
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Sep 15, 2006
Full metal Alchemist (manga)

1. worship: Ed and Al- alchemy geniuses ;D

2. like: Maes Hughes and Greed- Hughes nice character and Greed... well his greedy

3. give or take: Hohenheim- annoyed him for abandoning his wife and children, loved him for his funny face expression

4. dont really care: Winry Rockbell-she seems so very weak ::)

5. bash: SCAR-he's so annoying, and a warfreak guy hehe