Animate Digimon Adventure: Shop, Plus the Digimon Kitchen Car Returns for AGF Aozora Marche, in November


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Sep 8, 2006

Animate will be holding AGF Aozora Marche soon, which, by and large has nothing to do with Digimon... except they'll be having a couple Digimon events! So... stuff!

First up, the Animate Ikebukuro Head Office Location will have a limited Digimon Adventure: shop between November 7th and 15th. It appears they may plan to put the items in some other Animate locations later.

They've announced the products for it, although there are no images yet:
T-Shirt, 2 types white and black- 3,300 yen each
Stainless steel bottle- 3,300 yen
Towel- 1,980 yen
Tote Bag- 2,200 yen
Pouch- 1,650 yen
Character badge collection, 8 types- 440 yen (likely randomized)
Acrylic stands, 8 types, 1,650 yen each

And for every 1,000 yen of Digimon Adventure: products purchased at the shop, you get one 'Reward Postcard' (out of 8, at random.)

And then the Animate Kitchen Car returns with another Digimon theme!

The Digimon Adventure: themed kitchen car will be at the Animate Ikebukuro Head Office Location on November 7th and 8th.

Themed drinks named after all 8 kid/Digimon pairs will be 600 yen each (Taichi & Agumon, etc.) Drink information and images will be announced later.

For each drink purchase you will get 1 of 8 coasters at random.

Updates for these with images will hopefully be soon!