Agumon Hakase & Fake Agumon Hakase Preview for Booster Set EX-04


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with card previews from Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being. This time it's Agumon Hakase & Fake Agumon Hakase.

Agumon Hakase & Fake Agumon Hakase both get art of them teaching classes of important things about Digimon, with the added touch that you can see a number of familiar Digimon they are teaching. Terriermon Joshu also shows up in both pieces of art, with his wide range of expressions he is known for on full effect. Fake Agumon Hakase we previously got a preview of from a promo poster.

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Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being is out December 23rd, 2022.

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Apr 28, 2019
this set is a party for every Agumon who's not Agumon!

Agumon Expert
Rookie | Vaccine | Dinosaur
[Opponent’s Turn] (Once Per Turn) When an opponent plays a Digimon, you may reveal a Digimon card from your hand with the same level as the Digimon your opponent played. Place the card you revealed on top of your security stack face down.

Fake Agumon Expert
Rookie | Virus | Dinosaur
[Your Turn] (Once Per Turn) When your opponent's Digimon is deleted, you may trash 1 card with the same level as the deleted Digimon to <Draw 2>


I'm a Maniac
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Jun 19, 2022
Someone sent Takase to background school since BT11 and these look great

Sparrow Hawk

You got in
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Feb 23, 2007
Agumon Hakase teaches those about the caring and how to raise so they evolve wonderfully!

NiseAgumon Hakase TEACHES those baddies by leading them to commit war crimes to breed MORE VIOLENCE!

So what does Terriermon Assistant teach for?

And I think Agumon Hakase's Mamemon rod is LIVING thing!