Agumon & Gabumon Parallel Preview for Booster Set 6, plus photo of BelleStarmon Parallel


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with a bonus card preview from Booster Set 6 Double Diamond. This time it's parallel cards of Agumon and Gabumon!

Agumon and Gabumon both appear in a flowery field with some very cute artwork. They are both shown alongside Nyaromon and Tokomon, adding in a bit of extra anime flavor by having them with Hikari and Takeru's Digimon in a lower form. In addition, the cards make a nice little panorama.

Plus a bit more...


An early photo of a parallel card for BelleStarmon in an action/battle pose (perhaps part of a battle panorama with the other Musketeers?)

The original photo source was a Line group, thanks to digicaplayer for the heads up.

We have the the full set of standard card images for Booster Set 6.

Booster Set 6 Double Diamond is scheduled for release on May 28th.

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May 12, 2021
(perhaps part of a battle panorama with the other Musketeers?)

That's Magnakidmon's scarf wing thing on the top right of the art, right?
No, that looks like one of Beel's own scarf things. Kidmon's wings aren't that tattered.

Tonamikanji already did the regular art for the other two musketeers, so while this card is definitely meant to go with them (Gundramon is front facing, Kidmon facing right, Beel facing left, similar backgrounds, kindof) I doubt they'll get parallels themselves. And like his Kizuna and Sistermon parallels, they don't form an actual panorama.