Agumon & Gabumon Double Previews for Booster Set EX-01


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with card previews from Booster Set EX-01 Classic Collection. This time it's Agumon & Gabumon

Both Agumon and Gabumon in their standard cards in the set match the style we've seen overall for these. The reference book artwork is front and center and shown quite large, with a binary color background.

We also get to see the parallel cards (although we've seen a preview of Agumon before.) These use the same art, but have various elements reformatted to look more like cards from Hyper Colosseum, including some of the card information at the top, an info box at the bottom left of the art box, and a background familiar to most fans of the original Digimon card game.

Booster EX-01 Classic Collection will be out on July 30th in Japan.

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Aug 12, 2020
I do really like how the evolution requirement box gets the reduced evolution cost stuff, but man, that might end up being a "have to look at a card twice to figure out the cost" deal.