Adventure: Promotional Location Map for Nakahara, plus Social Distancing Promo Images


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Sep 8, 2006

The real world portions of Digimon Adventure: have mostly been in Nakahara, around the Musashi-Kosugi Station area (the station is the one Taichi & Koushiro head for in episode 1 of the series.)

To promote this connection, especially with the focus on locations in the 3rd ending video, Toei and Nakahara (2) have put out a promotional map image, showing where the locations in the 3rd ending are for people who want to visit.

The 3 QR codes in the image take you (from left to right): the 3rd ED on Youtube, the collaboration page (linked right below), and a page regarding shopping and restaurants in the area.

A printable PDF version is on the Nakahara Ward website with additional info.

Starting February 5th physical copies of the map will be given out at the Nakahara Ward Office, the Nakahara Library, and stations in the era.

In addition...

They've made 3 printable sheets that local shops and people can hang to promote social distancing due to the current pandemic. (Printable PDFs are in the same link above.)

Just a neat little collaboration.

The focus on the 3rd ED, Mind Game, also provides a good excuse to embed the video again...