Adventure: Pop Up Shop -Sweets Party- Announced- New Artwork, & Product Details


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Sep 8, 2006

It's time for a pop-up shop!

The Digimon Adventure: Pop-Up Shop -Sweets Party- has been announced with 2 sets of key art!

The new 'sweets' and 'baby sweets' art features artwork of the kids eating sweets alongside plushies of their Digimon partner. The artwork was done in 2 styles. One is a 'fancy' version of the show artwork, while the other is a cutesy SD style.

The shop will be held at 5 different locations over the next few months:
June 5th through 20th- Ikebukuro P'Parco, 1st Floor Event Space
June 5th through 21st- Shisaibashi Parco Basement, 1st Floor Special Venue
June 25th through July 11th- Sendai Parco Main Building, Near Escalator on 4th floor
June 25th through July 11th- Fukuoka Parco Main Building, Near Escalator on 6th floor
July 17th through August 1st- Nagoya Parco West Building, 8th Floor Special Venue

In addition, the products will be available at the online Ensky Shop beginning on August 9th for those who can't get to the shops.

They note that due to health reasons/concerns dates may change.

Onto the products!


First up, products that will be exclusive to the shops.

Rectangular can badges. There are 8 types, they are 440 yen each, with a box of 8 costing 3,520 yen. These will be random.

Acrylic stands. There are also 8 kinds of these and they are 1,430 yen each.

Travel stickers. There are 2 of these and they are 385 yen each.

2 different eco bags featuring the SD artwork of everyone. The large bag is 2,200 yen and the small is 1,430 yen.

A YakPak 'open wide' all day backpack for 9,680 yen.

A YakPak shoulder bag for 4,180 yen.

A selection of 4 shirts (2 styles, each in 2 different colors). These all come in medium and large sizes and cost 3,850 yen each.

Next up are products that will appear at the shops early, but will get standard releases later.


Travel stickers. There are 8 types and they are 385 yen each.

Manju type mascot plushes (with a keychain). There are 8 of these and they are 660 yen each. A box of 8 is 5,280 yen. They are random packed.

Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils. There are 4 of these and they are 1,045 yen each.

Crest themed eco bags. The large is 2,200 yen and the small is 1,430 yen.

Characte posters. There are 12 of these (8 single character ones, and 4 character duos.) A 2 pack is 550 yen, while a box of 6 (2 packs) is 3,300 yen. These are random packed.

EMOCA cards. These are plastic cards themed to look like social media posts with snapshots and/or character artwork. There are 40 total. A 3 pack is 330 yen, a box of 14 (3 packs) is 4,620 yen. These are random packed.

They also announced some bonus items...


If you spend 3,000 yen you get bonus EMOCA cards (seemingly not ones included in the standard distribution of 40 mentioned above.)

These bonus items will have limited stock and will become unavailable before the shops close.


At the pop-up shop location you get 1 at random (per 3,000 yen spent) using the artwork from the 3rd Adventure: ED.


At the online Ensky shop you get one of Taichi and Yamato falling. While there is only one you will receive one per 3,000 yen spent still.

The artwork this time is extremely nice, for both sets of art. The products are slightly more interesting than the standard set of things we tend to expect, which is helped by the multiple themes (even on top of the 2 sets of new art they stick in a few other themes.)

More to come, both for the online release of the various items, and then the standard release of the 2nd half of them.


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Aug 30, 2017
Earth, Space
Everyone gets ice cream/cupcakes/crepes; Joe gets a (admittedly small) whole-ass cake. Being leader has its perks.


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Feb 4, 2018
Is Koushiro eating a cake pop or a gigantic konpeito on a stick?

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Isn't that adorable. Really. ...I almost thought this was like from a cafe with actual sweets. heh heh