Adventure: OP & Insert Song Releases Announced for August 19th & Pre-Orders Open, plus Episode 4 Preview Screenshots


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Sep 8, 2006

Some music news!

2 Takayoshi Tanimoto CDs have been announced, both for August 19th.

The first is a CD single for the opening of Digimon Adventure:, Unidentified Airship, which will be 1,200 yen.

The tracklist is:
Unidentified Airship (the OP for Digimon Adventure:)
Be the Winners (an insert song for Digimon Adventure:)
Karaoke versions of each
Unspecified 'other' songs. A tweet from Digimon Web confirms it as one more song, along with a karaoke for it.

Pre-orders are up at CDJapan. (affiliate link.)

The second is a best of album called 'Career Along'. It will be 2,286 yen, and we only have a partial tracklist so far:
Unidentified Airship (the OP for Digimon Adventure:)
Dark Knight -The Invincible Champion- (insert song from Digimon Xros Wars)
Ku-Zen-Zetsu-Go (opening theme to the second series of Dragon Ball Kai in Japan)
More tracks are expected for the album, but they aren't saying how many, just 'other'.

No pre-orders just yet.


Some last minute preview screenshots for episode 4, put up by the Digimon TV account both before and after the episode aired in Japan.

Our discussion thread for episode 4 can be found here.



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Aug 2, 2014
There aren't any surprises to report regarding the team behind "Be The Winners". It's the same lyricist (Yuriko Mori) and composer (Naozumi Mabuchi) as the opening theme, with Tetsuya Shitara making his Digimon debut on arrangement. I'm digging it so far. From what little we can hear in episode four, it's still your generic, run-of-the-mill Takayoshi Tanimoto action song, but it's scratching my itch for a good Digimon tune better than the opening and ending themes are.

Looks like Toei's switched back from Feel Mee to Columbia for the CD releases, just as they did with Xros Wars. Don't expect these songs to turn up on any multi-series Digimon compilation albums anytime soon.