Adventure: In-Store Lottery with Figures & Other Prizes in November


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Sep 8, 2006

In November, Bandai will be doing a ticket lottery for Digimon Adventure: via their Ichiban Kuji brand in Japan.

The in-store lottery (the titular ichiban kuji) will be in November and be 780 yen per ticket.

It will be at various bookstores, hobby shops, arcades, anime shops, convenience stores, etc.

You pay for your ticket (or tickets), reach in a box, and pull one out (for each you bought), open it up, and it will tell you what letter prize you get. You always end up with a prize (that is almost always exclusive to the lottery), although there are some potential extra prizes.

We only have images of a couple prizes for now, but we do have the full prize list...


A Prize- Omegamon Figure (roughly 7.5 inches tall)
B Prize- WarGreymon Figure (roughly 5.9 inches tall)
C Prize- Full Color Big Towel
D Prize- Ink Style Big Towel
E Prize- Shikishi
F Prize- Rubber Strap
Last One Prize- Last One Version Omegamon Figure
Double Chance Campaign- Omegamon Figure

Hopefully we get more images, including of all the other items.

In this case, the prize most people will want is the Omegamon or WarGreymon figure.

The lottery ends when the last ticket is bought, and that person gets the 'one per store' Last One Prize, which in this case is a special version of the Omegamon figure. (Various people who do these also tend to report that since it ends with the last ticket being bought, the store will generally offer you the posters and signage if you want it.)

In addition, tickets will have a QR code or URL on them that you can use to register online to enter the Double Chance Campaign to try and win an Omegamon figure (my understanding is Double Chance Campaign prizes are often/generally unique in some way.)

While those of us outside Japan won't be able to do the Ichiban Kuji to get these, many times Ichiban Kuji figures do get releases in the West at various online retailers, so we can still hope as far as the standard Omegamon and WarGreymon figures go.

More to come!

Thanks to aichiu_kuchiu for the heads up.


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Apr 30, 2017
Interesting to see yet ANOTHER version of WarGreymon (not the Shado version it seems). I'd be curious to see what the "Last One" version of Omegamon looks like, not that I have a snowball's chance in hell of acquiring it. Hopefully these products show up at some point.