Adventure Ichiban Kuji Plush Details! Plus a tri. Twitter Campaign!


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Sep 8, 2006
It's been almost half a year since we found out about these!

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Digimon Adventure plushes at Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji service!

Ichiban Kuji is an online lotto/gashapon.

The plushes includes heads/faces keychains of all 8 kids from Digimon Adventure, along with plush bodies of 3 of the Digimon to make your own full body plush!

You pay 700 yen per try. You can also use 'bana-coins', their currency. If you use bana-coins each try is 649 yen.

Shipping will be 500 yen or 463 bana-coins. Shipping will only be charged for the first prize (multiple prizes almost certainly being shipped together.)

Each prize has a percentage of your chance to get that prize (you always win something from the prize list.)

The prizes for the Adventure Kuji, along with the percentage of getting a specific one are...

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A- Bodies, 10%
B- Taichi head, 15%
C- Yamato head, 15%
D- Sora head, 10%
E- Koushiro head, 10%
F- Takeru head, 10%
G- Mimi head, 10%
H- Jou head, 10%
I- Hikari head 10%

A decent percentage chance for the heads/faces.

Although with the bodies they are doing something a bit different.

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The total percentage for the Agumon, Tailmon, and Patamon bodies equals 10%, but the number for each one specifically isn't known yet. Ichiban Kuji users will be voting to decide the exact percentages of those.

Voting runs until May 6th and the results will be announced when the plushes become available.

The Digimon Adventure Ichiban Kuji plushes will be available May 10th thru June 14th. They will ship in September.

On top of that, we have another tri. Twitter campaign!

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This is just a short one in the leadup to tri. Part 6, and is, of course, exclusive to Japan.

Step 1- Follow the official Digimon Adventure/tri. account.
Step 2- Do a quote retweet on this tweet. Write a supportive or cheering comment and attach the hashtag #選ばれし子どもの日

There will be a bunch of prizes including...
Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon signed by Natsuki Hanae and Chika Sakamoto.
Digivolving Spirits MetalGarurumon signed by Yoshimasa Hosoya and Mayumi Yamaguchi.
Digivolving Spirits Angewomon signed by MAO
3 Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 posters (second version) signed by Natsuki Hanae, Chika Sakamoto, Yoshimasa Hosoya, and Mayumi Yamaguchi.
30 Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 postcards signed by Uki Atsuya .

The campaign is running now and ends May 4th.

Thanks to garm for translations.