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Sep 8, 2006
This almost slipped through...

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No calendar in the west this time, but there are a few Toei calendars. The news almost slipped past because while waiting for some better images to show up time began to pass, but a decent shot of one of the last things needed showed up earlier.

First up is the Toei 2020 TV Animation Calendar, featuring a handful of evergreen Toei franchises that each get 2 months. The front cover has Taichi, Yamato, Agumon, and Gabumon on it with new art. The calendar product code is NK-054.

Adventure itself gets July and August with a nice summer image.

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All the characters look like they are having fun on it, except maybe Tentomon who looks angry.

This one seems to be showing up more at Japanese shops that are a bit harder to navigate, so if you want this one you're on your own unfortunately.

Next up is the Toei 2020 Calendar (if you look for it it's likely to have the TV Animation label on it also.) It features a different Toei animation for each month.

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The front has art of Taichi and Agumon (I think they are new, but they both look awfully familiar...) The product code is CL-069 (Full item is 2020CL-69).

For this calendar we get another summer image...

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With Adventure getting August all by itself with a nice volleyball image. Sora front and center in artwork is pretty rare, but it looks nice, and the characters have an extra cartoony look to them which is really nice. (The mini September appears to be for date planning, as the calendar shows as each month having it's own image.)

CDJapan has this one for sale. (Affiliate link.)

Like last year, this calendar has an alternate cover

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So keep that in mind while you are looking. (it might be a slightly different calendar, it seems to come up with the same product code at some random Japanese shops, so yeah...)

There is also image of a one sheet calendar floating out with Toei franchises but the way the art is laid out either makes it look like an early version used for example or possibly just a fanmade one.

Image Thumbnail (custom)

We're including the image here just in case (since an off calendar isn't a huge issue either way and there is unlikely to be much in the way of follow up on it.) If it was real it was likely given out at stores with purchases.

Taichi and Yamato look like new art, Agumon and Gabumon look like old art, while the 3 Ultimate levels look to be art from tri. products (like I said, either fanmade, or done cheaply/quickly for promotional purposes. The main reason I think it might be real is a fanmade poster image would be easier to find a large version of.)

Thanks to Haiji_No5 for the photo of the one calendar page.

Some of the above might get cleaned up/tweaked as/if we get further info on these.


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Feb 15, 2007
It does my heart so good to see Digimon getting represented right alongside titans like Dragon Ball, Pretty Cure, and One Piece.