Adventure: Easter GraffArt Pop-Up Shops Announced, plus Key Art & Products!


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Sep 8, 2006

Another pop-up shop!

GraffArt will have an Adventure: pop-up shop at their Ikebukuro Main, Namba, and Nagoya shops beginning April 3rd. Details about the shows can be found here.

There is easter (with digiegg & bunny ears) themed artwork for everyone.


To make things easier, there will be advanced reservation ordering on March 16th through March 18th, for store pickup.

That can be done here. Each product has its own page with additional details, but we'll go over them quickly below.

Products will also be available to order online starting April 3rd here.

A quick overview of the products, all of which feature the new Easter art...


An acrylic phone stand with everyone on it for 3,300 yen.

Can badges. There are 8 of these, blindpacked, for 528 yen each. A box of 8 is 4,224.

Acrylic key chains. Also 8 of these, blindpacked, for 858 yen each. A box of 8 is 6,864 yen.


Acrylic art board of everyone for 2,750 yen.

Acrylic stands of each character duo for 1,760 yen. There are 8 of these and they are not random.


A lunch box for 1,320 yen.

A mug for 1,650 yen.

Chopstick with case set for 660 yen.

Smartphone ring holders for 1,518 yen each. There are 8 of these and they are not blindpacked.


When 2,200 yen is spent a postcard will be included.

A nice small collection of products.

With these being available online, it'd probably be best to wait an use a web intermediary, but if you gotta be sure ahead of time...

We've currently pared down the list of intermediaries we list due to some places closing and others becoming iffy in their communication, calling into question their reliability. If you have any stories, positive or negative, about any intermediaries, DM me with them so we can figure out who might be worth adding (or re-adding), since these aren't affiliate links or anything, simply suggested ways to make it easier for fans to nab stuff.

You'll want to contact an intermediary to get these items sent to you. WtW is not affiliated with any, but here are a selection of intermediaries that have worked well for various WtWers and their friends in the past:
From Japan
Rider Proxy

Be aware many intermediaries do not carry items from specialty shops since they can't be ordered online. You will need to ask them and explain what you want very carefully (perhaps with a photo.) Some intermediaries will potentially still not be willing to get the item (or may only be willing to at great cost.) Realistically to get anything from the pop-up shop at a reasonable cost you'll have to find someone who is actually going and ask them to pick you up something.

Some of the intermediaries have a full store front and may have the item listed, so you may want to check that first.


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Nov 9, 2020
Are these egg designs from the reboot anime? The designs kinda bug me

> Botamon’s egg is the same as the OG series, except the orange is the same grey-blue as Gabumon + evolutions’ fur which makes it look like theirs

> Punimon’s egg is the same design as the OG series but red and yellow, the red ties in with Punimon but the yellow is random

> Bubbmon’s egg makes sense, the spots on a ladybug’s back are called stars in Japan and being red matches Tentomon (the yellow matches HerculesKabuterimon I guess?), although it looks too similar to Punimon’s

>Nyokimon’s egg is the same design, but being white instead of a faded red means it looks like Wormmon’s

> Pichimon and Yuramon’s eggs look almost identical and don’t match either line that well

> Poyomon’s is the same, its colour scheme matches Patamon so no problems there

> YukimiBotamon’s is the same design as the OG series but white with green rings instead of two shades of pink, white makes sense but green only matches Ophanimon and even then not well

Edit: I realised this sounds kinda complainy so I will say that this pop-up shop looks very cute and it’s good to see the reboot and the franchise as a whole going well
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Sep 10, 2006
Well that's pretty cute. Though I do wonder what Japan even does for Easter. ...Anything? ...Anyway, Some nice stuff as always.


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Nov 8, 2016
Aww....No new Holydramon merch....