Adventure: Can Badges & Acrylic Charms out this month


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

Anime goods maker Brujula has announced (2) they'll be releasing 2 batches of Digimon Adventure: products in late April (looks at calendar)... which is now... so... products any day now I guess.

Pre-orders for these haven't shown up at any of the usual suspects, but we'll keep an eye out and link when we can.

First up, is can badges. These feature new artwork of all 8 kids and their Digimon. It uses the show designs and they all have a fun playful look to them (and the designs given to the character names, along with the backgrounds, works really well with the style.)

Each can badge is roughly 2.1 inches in diameter and they will come blindpacked. Boxes will contain 8 total.

Next up...

Acrylic charms! Each kid and Digimon gets their own in a cute super-deformed art style. Each charm has a clasp at the top, with a ring at the bottom, so you can chain them together.

All 16 of these also come blindpacked. Boxes will contain 16 total.

No prices on these yet, but badges and charms tend to be among the more reasonably priced items we tend to see. We expect these to show up at shops any day now based on the dates given.