Adventure: Art being used in Tech Kids Grand Prix 2020 Programming Competition, High Res Art Made Available


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Sep 8, 2006

Another educational collaboration for Digimon Adventure: which deals with programming. After appearing in the Programming Zemi app in all countries the app is available in, it's nice to see Adventure: continue to be used to help teach programming.

For 'Tech Kids Grand Prix 2020', a contest to decide the top elementary school age programmers nationwide in Japan, Digimon Adventure: art is being made available to the contestants.

Every year more than 1000 kids apply to program games and apps. There is prize money of 1 million yen, along with various gifts/prizes for those who pass qualifying and certifying elements with their submitted work.

The goal of the contest is for contestants to 'challenge themselves by developing wonderful work'.

The application deadline is September 30th.
There are more detailed rules that we won't get into, plus additional details at the Tech Kids Grand Prix 2020 website.

The thing most relevant to us, is that a number of Digimon Adventure: assets have been made available in relatively high resolutions for contestants to use in their apps and games, which we've mirrored in our gallery.

The artwork consists of the Adventure: art for the kids and Digimon that was first used for the Digimon Adventure: premiere event in Shibuya and the parade wallpapers, along with the adult level artwork of the 6 partners that have shown up in Adventure: so far, which is artwork that goes back to the original Adventure.

The images had a lot of transparent border space and a few had small red pixels (some sort of framing mechanism?) We've cropped these out, the art is otherwise untouched and they are lossless to the original images.

We've embedded them below as thumbnails, clicking will take you to the full size art from the gallery...



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