ADR-02 Searcher & Reaper Previews for Booster Set EX-02


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with card previews from Booster Set EX-02 Digital Hazard. This time it's ADR-02 Searcher and Reaper.

ADR-02 and Reaper both get show style artwork, that were it a bit lower quality, might pass as show style artwork. We previously saw Reaper from a lower quality photo, and it wasn't clear based on the quality at the time that it wasn't a screenshot. Both represent the show the set is based on quite well.

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Booster Set EX-02 Digital Hazard will be out on December 24th in Japan.

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Jan 7, 2016
Given how the card numbers are spaced, this means we can expect 8 more white cards, right? That's quite a few, meaning we should probably be getting at minimum all of the numbered agents. Actually, looking at the confirmed list, I think it's pretty possible to fill in a lot of the remaining blanks (entries with katakana/color/rarity are confirmed):

EX2-001 Gigimon ギギモン Red Uncommon
EX2-002 Hopmon
EX2-003 Pokomon
EX2-004 Gummimon
EX2-005 Kapurimon
EX2-006 Yaamon
EX2-007 wildcard (Could be Culumon as a white level-less card, could be Chocomon as a second yellow level 2 but I don't think we've gotten two of the same color for level 2s before? This is new territory either way. Or it could technically be a second Red level 3, but there's no real contenders there)
EX2-008 Guilmon ギルモン Red Rare
EX2-009 Growmon グラウモン Red Common
EX2-010 Megalo Growmon メガログラウモン Red Uncommon
EX2-011 Dukemon デュークモン Red Super Rare
EX2-012 Megidramon メギドラモン Red/Purple Super Rare
EX2-013 Dukemon Crimson Mode
EX2-014 Monodramon (start of Blue)
EX2-015 Leomon (no room for a full line no matter where you put him. I think that at least for the most part they're going to be sticking to what was explicitly shown in the anime)
EX2-016 Cyberdramon
EX2-017 Justimon
EX2-018 MarineAngemon
EX2-019 Renamon レナモン Yellow Rare
EX2-020 Lopmon
EX2-021 Kyuubimon
EX2-022 Taomon
EX2-023 Antylamon
EX2-024 Sakuyamon
EX2-025 Terriermon テリアモン Green Rare
EX2-026 Galgomon
EX2-027 Rapidmon
EX2-028 SaintGalgomon
EX2-029 Hagurumon (simply because I don't see them skipping any levels entirely for any color, even if they do for certain lines, and moreover because we have a lot of space to fill after Terriermon; start of Black)
EX2-030 Guardromon
EX2-031 Andromon
EX2-032 HiAndromon
EX2-033 Impmon (start of Purple)
EX2-034 Wizarmon (or Meramon or what have you, same justification as Hagurumon/HiAndromon)
EX2-035 Baalmon (DeathMeramon, etc.)
EX2-036 Beelzebumon
EX2-037 Beelzebumon Blast Mode
EX2-045 ADR-01
EX2-046 ADR-02 = Searcher ADR-02=サーチャー White Common
EX2-047 ADR-03
EX2-048 ADR-04
EX2-049 ADR-05
EX2-050 ADR-06
EX2-051 ADR-07
EX2-052 ADR-08
EX2-053 ADR-09
EX2-054 Mother D-Reaper
EX2-055 Reaper リーパー White Rare

That leaves 7 spots that I have no clue about, plus the two "secret" cards at the end. I think one of them is definitely Culumon if it doesn't get positioned with the level 2s. Grani and a Digignome are possibilities I suppose, but they weren't treated as Digimon in Hyper Colosseum the way the D-Reaper agents were so that could go either way. Blast Mode and Crimson Mode could also very well be the secret cards, which opens the door for Leomon to be in Green or something and us getting all three Justimon forms. Ooooor my whole way of looking at this could be wrong and we could end up with the full Monodramon line in Black and the full Lopmon line in Purple (not ideal but Yellow only has two empty spots) and also full lines for MarineAngemon and Leomon. Who knows lmao

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Feb 23, 2007
Ehh it's really pity those didn't get scary artworks instead we have this bland artworks.