A Grave Mistake


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Jul 9, 2013
One dark and stormy night, an Apocalymon emerged in a graveyard. Apocalymon, hungry for its purpose, searched the graveyard for data and potential minions. This was something that drew the eye of a greedy tamer. The tamer stalked the large, planetoid quarry in search of precious DNA, for his own Digimon, a Monzaemon, would be strengthened by the DNA’s power, and potentially even evolve, and he was curious to see what would happen to it next. This is what he said to himself, but his true motive was profit. Apocalymon turned around and ascended into the stratosphere, aiming its trapped claws downward.

“BATTLE!”, the Tamer said, as Monzaemon’s hearts shot straight ahead. These moves were able to hit Apocalymon’s arms, dealing minor damage. The next tactical move was for the Tamer to have Monzaemon start climbing the orb, as he would start to ask for a price for his disposable pawn and its quarry. How strong could his Digimon become? How could Monzaemon be able to prove itself as the greatest threat as it did so long ago?

Just his luck, Apocalymon activated Death Evolution, starting the reversal of nearby Digimon. Wild Digimon degenerated and fell out of the sky, as Monzaemon reached the apex of its journey. Little did it know this would need more than a gurney. He called out “Lovely Hearts!”, as his servant fired blasts from its eyes.

This was the mistake of all of them. As Monzaemon regressed to Numemon, the graveyard rumbled beneath. From an Ohakadamon behind the Tamer, a beautiful Angewomon emerged. She aimed her bow at Apocalymon’s quarry, and fired at the greenhorn of an Apocalymon. It fled, shaking off the Numemon as it darted away into the dark mist. She now stood next to the Tamer.

“Finish her!”, the cruel Tamer screamed, as the Numemon weakly crawled over, aiming for him. The beauty turned the other cheek, however, and faced only the Tamer. “You are a violent individual, as I can clearly see, yet you have saved my life. All you see is violence and profit. You show no mercy to me, but my nature is to be merciful. For my revival, I may give you both a just prize.” With that, she wagged her finger and pointed at the Numemon. The Numemon was pulled into a pleasant sleep, leaving the Tamer to face her alone. The Angewomon pulled off her face-obstructing helm, and the Tamer was never seen again.

To this day, Tamer, never give in to dark urges, keep yourself true, and an Angewomon could reward you. If you fail to be a good Tamer, she will likely punish instead of please.

The end.