In order to make things better all around there will now be 1 thread for all the pics and translations. There are to be no back translations only new ones starting as of this weeks which i've copied across from the old threads. I do not want to see this as a who is better.

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Our first Digimon had its Virus Form debut in 02, but did not debut in this form until Tamers. It is also one of the Deva. Here is the big rabbit known as Andiramon!
Digimon Net Version

Our second Digimon is another of the 7 Great Demon Lords. He was a major player in NEXT and is also a greedy old man. Here is Barbamon!
Digimon Net Version

Antylamon [The Deva]
This Ultimate-levelled Digimon that resembles a rabbit in appearance is one of the "Deva Digimon". A subordinate of the Four Holy Beasts member Azulongmon, he sports the mind of a victor. Although he is deeply genial, with a likening for the frail, if someone appears and attempts to trample them down, his nature will completely change, fighting off the attacker by transforming his hands into a pair of sharp "Bao Fu" axes and swinging them around. He doesn't stop slashing and spinning around sharply until the enemy's body is deleted. His special attack is "Asipatravana", which spins around on the spot like a tornado and cuts everything around him with the "Bao Fu" axes on his hands.

A Demon Lord type Digimon that took on the form of an elderly person with a long beard, he is one of the "Seven Great Demon Lords". He exists in the central area of the Dark Area, the 'Demon's Den', and he is able to carry out evil through manipulating Fallen Angel Digimon. He constantly sets his eyes on all the riches that exist in the network, and his savage temper for worldly desires often leads to him killing Digimon for their riches, regardless of his own lack of common sense. He is the most strategic and cunning member of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and aside from Fallen Angel Digimon, he can even manipulate the Mega-levelled Deathmon. His special attacks are "Death Lure", which sends other Digimon to an unescapable Hell and converts them to evil, and "Pandemonium Lost", which unleashes all of the Dark Area's evil energies at once to create a super-hot blast that reduces everything to ash. The amount of energy produced from this attack is so great, that VenomMyotismon's own "Pandemonium Flame" attack produces only a small part of the same energy.