Agumon (Black) (X-Antibody)
通常のアグモンと同様、X抗体の影響により獰猛なデジモンとなった。アグモンが野生の本能に従いながら高い 攻撃力に身を任せた凶暴な狩りをする様は、もはや暴走とも呼べる恐ろしい光景だ。必殺技は口の中に溜めた炎 を一気に解き放つ『BBバーナー』。
*The effect on Agumon (Black)'s Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Similarly to regular Agumon, it became a more ferocious Digimon due to the effects of the X-Antibody. Agumon's violent hunting of prey, in which it relies solely on its high offensive power and acts purely on instinct, can only be called a rampage and is a fearsome sight to behold. Its Special Move is spewing out all of the fire stored in its mouth in one shot (BB Burner).

Ogremon (X-Antibody)
気性の荒さや残虐性を大きく膨れさせ、嬉々として襲いかかる狂戦士へと変貌した。武器はエレキギターと電動 ノコギリが融合したアックスを持ち、魂(デジコア)の高ぶりをROCKのリズムに乗せて奏でる。必殺技はギ ターを振り下ろす『WEEK END』。さらにギターをかき鳴らせば、電撃とともに電動ノコギリが敵を八つ裂きにする恐ろしい技で ある。
*The effect on Ogremon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Its cruelty and wild temperament have intensified, turning it into a crazed warrior that attacks others with glee. It wields an axe made by fusing an electric guitar and electric chainsaw together as a weapon, and uses it to play out its soul (Digicore)'s excitement in the form of a rock rhythm. Its Special Move is banging down with its guitar (WEEK END); it makes for an especially fearsome technique when it strums its guitar, creating an electric shock which, together with its electric chainsaw, tears the opponent into pieces.