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Thread: Digimon Channel: Pics and Translation Thread

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    Anyone who read the “Odyssey” in school probably also has a prejudice against lotus flowers. In it, the lotus flower caused memory loss to anyone that ate it, and it also caused an addiction to the flower/its seeds. The Hackers Memory event is essentially an allusion to how the lotus was originally perceived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    Lotus with holes, purple skin, and "Ruin" staff made her look quite villian-ish there.

    When "Lotusmon" name was revealed, I was excited and imagined her being water flower version of Lilimon-like lady with extremely graceful appearance then she showed up in Savers, my mind went wtf when I see her, why trypophobia and staffs...
    The "holes" are very thematic to the aesthetic of lotuses. A major trait of lotus flowers is their distinctive seedpods, which Lotusmon's head is based off of. You may still be able to see these "holes" undeveloped on a flowering lotus too.

    It's not just a "Ruin staff." There is the "Cure" aspect and the overall theme of duality and balance. Evidently, the Caduceus staff relates to the lotus flower's association with medicine and purity, specifically purity of body (though the Caduceus staff's popular association with healthcare is incorrect in the first place).

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    Huh no wonder Lotusmon's appearance gave me that "Goddess" vibes. Lotusmon's design actually have more meanings than I thought.

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