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Thread: Talking about OST...

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    Talking about OST...

    Well.. first I'm glad to see the forum still working well bla bla bla... too polit... I'm here just for ask you a little favor to one of you guys...
    Everyone know that the Digimon's games for any console were a little... bad, poor graphic and poor playability well... poor games using a great name, Digimon but one of them were amazing.. I'm talking of Digimon World for the ancient 32bits console, the PSX and I really want the OST! plz! help me to make real my little dream... plz!!!!

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    Re: Talking about OST...

    Welcome to WtW-x.

    You would do well to read this:


    That wasn't too hard now was it?

    If it isn't in the cards, it doesn't matter.

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