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Thread: What are you raising right now?

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    Just started my brand new English 20th V-Pet: Sitting with a Koromon at the moment, and the plan is to get all the way to Omegamon Alter S by raising the Agumon-Greymon line and then work my way to CereGarurumon, but we shall see. My first time with a real physical v-pet so who knows.
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    Currently Raising: Agumon (DM20)
    RIP: Greymon (DU, 13yrs), Diaboromon (DU, 20yrs)

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    WarGreymon and BlitzGreymon are sitting pretty at 31yrs, 0 and 1 care mistake respectively.
    My pair on my Pen20th have spent a lot of time on ice, so I have no way of knowing realistically how old they are.

    And I've got a DarkTyrannomon+Rasielmon on a JP original grey DM20 that I turned into a zubamon version, going for Mugendramon.
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    DM20- WarGreymon + BlitzGreymon
    Pen20- Ouryumon + Dukemon

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    Today I've got 4 pets on the go, two DM20ths and two Pen20ths, both the wave 2s.

    English DM20 is currently running Greymon and Flymon, who should hopefully both become MetalGreymon and MetalTyrannomon respectively.
    Japanese DM20 is running Kabuterimon and Unimon, with both having another day or two ahead of them before they evolve.
    Beelzemon Pen20 is running VenomVamdemon and Vamdemon, with Vamdemon waiting on either of the Metals from the DM20 so I can get the connection from the copymon to unlock the Yamato egg.
    Dukemon Pen20 has Rufflesimon and Pinochimon, with Rufflesimon old enough that she'll probably start dying soon and Pinochimon having a few days left having only evolved yesterday.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    I got my 20th anniversary Digital Monster days ago. Im with the normal dual Agumon/Gabumon for the moment.

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    Started my DM20th a few days ago, and so far I have Agumon and Patamon. With luck they'll turn into Greymon and Unimon by the days end!
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