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Thread: Favourite and Hated Pairings

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    I'd like some crossover pairs e.g. Tai & Masaru - those two seem to be best friends in the making during Xros Wars XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankiemon827 View Post
    I'd like some crossover pairs e.g. Tai & Masaru - those two seem to be best friends in the making during Xros Wars XD
    DaiRina. DaiRina. DaiRina is all you need.

    Or Cody/Suzie.

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    I ever mention the time I found a fic where Zoe was marrying Izzy? So... She'd be Izumi Izumi. Which is weirder then a Izzy/Kari fic I found but I mention it for the joke which they mentioned.

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    I think it reads as sarcasm. What he probably means is it's a shitty ship that's way too overrated. (amirite nemomon?)

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    *Breathes in* Booooooy.

    Tai and Mimi: There is just... something about this ship that totally clicks for me. Their interactions, their bickering (Can we even call it that) during the first series.
    Takato and Juri: While from Takato's side it's pretty cute (He's such a dork around her.), I'm not sure how it would work out with Juri short-term, seeing everything she's been through. But Takato is such a sweet guy, it'll probably work out.
    Takuya and Izumi: The library scene. Their 'fights' but yet they always look out for each other and worry about each other. The library scene (Yes, I mentioned it twice). Probably my biggest Digimon OTP back in the day.
    Haru and Eri: Eri cares for him and I feel her personality fits well with his in some aspects. Then there's also the fact that they look like Yuya and Yuzu from YGO Arc-V and if you know the series and those characters, you know how hard the own show ships them.

    Don't like:
    Tai and Sora: Not necessarily don't like. In my youth, I absolutely adored this pairing, but now that I'm older, I can't see anything more than good friendship in there.
    Takeru and Hikari: It's so cookie-cutter. The siblings of the two main guys. The two that already knew each other from previous adventures. The popular two (With the opposite genders). Both have fairies. Blegh. It makes me barf.
    Ken and Miyako: Other than Miyako liking pretty boys and Ken being a pretty boy, this doesn't make any sense.
    Ruki and Ryou: Don't like is an understatement. I hate it. First of all their age difference, then there's the fact there is no basis for Ruki to return any potential feelings from Ryou. It's juts being shipped because he's good at the cardgame too and some remarks he made. And apparently because people think the main girl needs to be shipped with someone. (Also, Ryou really shouldn't have been in Tamers. The Gary Stu sticks out like a sore thumb.)
    Kouji and Izumi: They had interactions in the beginning, but at some point, they never interacted again for a big part of the series. Yeah, no.
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