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Thread: Favourite and Hated Pairings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikari Motomiya View Post
    I always felt it was Hikari/Kari myself since the fandom treats it that way.
    Well hikari is a lot more popular than miyako so that may be why doesn't matter that much since i don't like both ships with daisuke

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    XD Yeah that is very true. Rei/Haru is the cutest even now. Just finished 44 and Rei is beginning to seem suspicious of Yuujin. Warn Haru already!

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    I always thought Miyako was the main girl too.

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    Ok so finished the season finally and my pairings for this season are:
    Haru/Rei (OTP): I will probably always ship this because of the way it started. Rei stole the Seven Codes, the others chased after him and find out about Hajime. Haru saves Rei and they fight together for the first time. Rei then as a thank you gives back the 3 Seven Code chips. I just feel there is a mutual respect and understanding there. Rei separates from the three when they enter the Deep Web. Astra and Eri are annoyed but Haru understands. Likewise, when Yuujin's betrayal is confirmed, Astra and Eri are worried about Haru but Rei pretends not to care. I feel he gets that Haru needs space right now.

    Astra/Eri: If it is not obvious yet I like development in relationships. These two went from constantly arguing to learning to respect one another which I really liked because they really learnt to care for one another. I also feel Astra has a crush on her.

    Yuujin/Ai: This is more before Yuujin became an Appli Driver because he and Ai always seemed to be together and I just feel they would be cute. Plus, they are childhood friends too along with Haru I think? I know Ai is childhood friends with Haru.

    Okay Ships-
    Haru/Yuujin: I can definitely see why people ship these two given the finale. And I'll admit I'm okay with it and probably can read it. I do feel it might hint at being more sibling like though due to Haru's comment "Yuujin and I trust each other, just like you and Hajime-kun" which made me feel Haru considers Yuujin like his own family. Plus, Haru's reactions to losing Yuujin at some points were similar to Rei losing Hajime - at least in terms of the desperation. My second reason I don't ship these two as much as Haru/Rei is because I cannot see Rei with anyone but Haru and he's my favourite character.

    Haru/Eri: I see this perhaps one-sided but I don't mind this pairing. Haru is always supporting her and she did try to punch/kick Yuujin out for betraying him so there's definitely a good friendship there and that always has possibility of becoming more.

    Haru/Ai: Gaaah! Haru, I ship you with everyone Haru but he's so kind and he did have a crush on Ai which I'm not sure faded away. He wanted to save the festival so she could see the fireworks so it made me feel she was still precious to him.

    Astra/Hinarin-chan (hospital girl): I thought it was so sweet how he wanted her to see the stars because she was always in the hospital. Yes, I'm cheesy.

    Hated Couplings:

    Rei/Hajime: They're siblings and incest is just weird even they are super close.

    Astra/Haru: They don't work. They're friends but there is nothing there.

    Watson/Ai: Watson annoyed me a lot. Ai deserves way better.

    ...Okay, I realised I ship Haru with about 4 different people. It's not my fault. He is surprisingly shippable.

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