2nd tri. Music Cafe Announced! 2 Locations this time!


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
We first found out this was being planned a few days ago...

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Details for the return of Digimon Adventure tri. to Ani-On Station!

"Digimon Adventure tri. Music Cafe in Ani-On Station The 2nd" will be held at two different Ani-On Station locations to celebrate the release of tri. part 5.

It will be held at the Ani-On Station Akihabara between September 8th and October 15th.

And at the Ani-On Station Namba Parks between Septembe 29th and October 22nd.

They mention special programming and music, along with a themed menu and products on sale using new Digimon artwork, which we get a preview of up above from the announcement (interestingly the two food items we can see drawn in the promo image were not on the original Music Cafe menu.)

We expect more detailed information in the next few weeks.

For those interested in the original Music Cafe (to hopefully get a general idea what they might do with the 2nd) which was held at the Ani-On in Shinjuku, we did a full writeup on everything announced for that shop, and a user also took some video from when they went to the cafe.