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Thread: First Look at Battle Spirits Digimon Last Evolution Card Artwork & Packaging

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    First Look at Battle Spirits Digimon Last Evolution Card Artwork & Packaging

    Not a long wait left for this...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The Battle Spirits set Digimon Last Evolution is out in roughly a month and a half, and we have our first look at artwork from the set via a promotional poster.

    The main focus of the poster is showing off new artwork of Agumon, Gabumon, V-mon, and Wormmon, plus showing off the logo for the set.

    In addition to that, some images of the smaller bottom portions give us a few additional details...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This portion is just saying there will be a number of new illustrations being used (a number of the cards for the set look to be reprint cards with new art.) Here we get a look at Chimeramon, WereGarurumon, MetalGreymon, and Imperialdramon.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This portion, on top of product details we've seen before, also shows us 2 new things.

    The first (on the right side) is a preview of the packaging for the booster packs using the same art on the poster.

    Then we get previews of art for new Nexus cards (a type of support card.) These have new artwork of Taichi, Yamato, Daisuke, and Ken in the art style of Last Evolution Kizuna!

    Info we had before...

    CB-11 Collaboration Booster Digimon Last Evolution will be released on Saturday, February 29th, 2020, roughly a week after the release of Last Evolution Kizuna in Japanese theaters.

    The distribution of cards for the Last Evolution booster will be 70+8, which includes:
    Common- 30 cards
    Rare- 24 cards
    Master Rare- 8 cards
    X Rare- 6 cards
    XX Rare- 2 cards
    Campaign- 8 cards

    With 78 cards, this will be the largest Battle Spirits Digimon set yet. And of course, there may be further cards if they do any promo releases.

    Vending machine boosters will include 4 cards for 200 yen, while standard booster packs will include 6 cards for 300 yen.

    Thanks to duelgard_1 for the images.

    Prior details/news for this set can be found here.

    Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the 20th Anniversary film for Digimon Adventure, comes out February 21 in Japan and March 25th in the US.
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    Wow those are some extremely cool artwork especially Imperialdramon find it cool that he's in space.

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    I come from the net
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    Grr that Battle Spirits Digimon wallpaper could be perfect for new Rumble series. Damn!

    Yeah Imperialdramon in the space is cool and he did went lightspeed around the whole world sending all wild Digimon back to Digital world with those chosen children. Good memories.

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    if they sold any of these featured card arts as wall posters I would go out of my way to get one and proudly display it. The art is just so good!

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    Chimeramon Yes!!!, I was kinda miffed he wasn’t in the 02 set, cannot wait to get the matt and tai cards,
    ( ken and davis look boring)
    Hopefully we finally get a frontier set after this
    I want a battle spirits Lucemon card!

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