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Thread: 15th Anniversary of X-Evolution

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    15th Anniversary of X-Evolution

    X-Evo is hitting a big one!

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    Today is the 15th Anniversary of when X-Evolution aired on television!

    X-Evolution was based on Digimon Chronicle, the mini comic included with the Digimon Pendulum X V-Pets. It's an abdridged and altered version of that story, with the most notable change being the removal of any human characters, which is still reasonably rare in Digimon stories.

    Originally announced as a full length feature, a press release reannounced it as a TV special a little more than a month before it aired, with only some of the initially announced merchandise

    X-Evolution was directed by Hiroyuki Kakudou, well known to Digimon fans as the director of Adventure and 02.

    The screenplay is credited to two writers:
    Kazunori Ito, who worked on Dirty Pair, Ghost in the Shell, .hack, Patlabor, Urusei Yatsura, and a number of other well known franchises.
    Miu Kawasaki, who worked on .hack (including various novels for the franchise) and Air Master.

    Imagi animated X-Evo during their early upswing and it ended up being one of the few bigger projects they did that ended up being released.

    While X-Evolution came and went reasonably quickly, it did end up getting a DVD later in 2005, some elements were used in Digimon World 4 (released as Digimon World X in Japan a couple days after X-Evo came out), and while various announced toys didn't ever appear after their initial announcement in a press release, the Digitalize Booster Pack for the Digimon card game had a large number of cards featuring characters from the movie (using their movie CGI renders), and Alphamon continues to get new products with X-Evolution branding (the most recent that I can think of being his Digivolving Spirits figure a year and a half ago.)

    In addition, Digimon Chronicle, which X-Evolution was based on, has been getting a sequel story which finishes in a couple of months.

    So despite coming and going itself relatively quickly, X-Evolution still pops up a decent amount even 15 years later.
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    I'm going digital Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Time for Bandai to use this anniversary to make EVEN MORE X-Antibody Digimon. I will not complain!

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    Good old X-Evolution. The animation hasn't aged super well, but it's a fun ride. Rewatched it recently, forgot how adorable Tokomon X was. Would love to see some more deep-cut merchandise from it (like the Tokomon X they're including in the Omegamon X fig coming out).

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    This movie needs an English dub ASAP.

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    15 years already incredible.

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    I come from the net
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    Epic movie. MetalGarurumon X's 3D model in Link was much better than this movie.

    They need to do this often with No Humans involved. It was very entertaining to see their unique interactions.
    Oh yeah loved the actions. No commands but seeing how they were struggling to survive was pretty thrilling!

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    It took me a while to fully understand the plot of the movie. It did seem bit dark when I first saw it and I thought it was targeting older audiences. Also I loved all the references to previous seasons e.g. Wizarmon and Mummymon etc. Oh and the fact that Leomon dying within first few minutes of the movie lol...

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    Really interesting, unexpectedly ambitious and terribly paced film. It felt like it was going on forever. But I still liked it!

    Who is on the far left side of the image, in the line up around dorumon?

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    I'm going digital
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmon View Post
    Who is on the far left side of the image, in the line up around dorumon?
    ...Do you mean Tyrannomon? It's a fairly recognizable Digimon, so I'm not sure if that's what you meant. Did you mean Garudamon X?

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    I'm a Maniac
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    A remake of the movie with a better art style would be great, make a sequel?

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