Hi, everyone! I'm a new member here. I've been stalking this forum for digimon news for a while, and thought it's about time I make an account. I really appreciate all the digi-fans here who contribute so much translations, pictures, information, news, etc so all of us can enjoy all this franchise has to offer!

I loved Digimon since I started watching it during lunch breaks in my elementary school in China--it's always given me so much energy, inspiration, and motivation! I'm now living in the U.S. and attending medical school and studying hard everyday like Jyou, haha...But this summer, before I started medical school, I was able to go to Japan for the first time with my boyfriend and visit a bunch of Digimon locations! This is an MV I made based on my experiences. It's very amateur-ish, and my acting/dancing was really awkward since we had to film in pretty public places and it was embarrassing XD...but I tried my best to express my love for the franchise and make something out of my dream-come-true adventure. Hope you enjoy!

Also also, I want to introduce my partner digimon! If you click the link below, the purple round one in the top right corner is the partner digimon I created for myself when I was a child! Her name is Tenseimon, a child-level holy-beast type digimon whose main attack is "Shooting Stars"--in which she becomes a meteor and falls on the opponent's head, haha...