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Thread: Digimon News Navigation, 1st Details for new livestream

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    Digimon News Navigation, 1st Details for new livestream

    A few details!

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    We have the first solid details (outside of the date) for the upcoming Digimon livestream that was announced in V-Jump!

    The livestream will be called 'Digimon News Navigation' (DigiNavi for short.)

    It will be Friday, January 24th, at 8pm in Japan (that's 3am Pacific, also on the 24th.)

    They refer to it as an information program that will have the latest Digimom news, including for Last Evolution.

    Broadcast details will be announced later.

    Update- The Japanese Digimon Games Twitter has added a bit. There will be a 'game corner' as part of the livestream where producers will answer Q&A questions.

    They don't say one way or the other, but questions from outside of Japan are likely to be stripped out, but if you want to try to get yours in anyways, here is a link to the Q&A form. Questions will be taken until the end of January 6th.

    A quicky translation of the form if you need help:
    1- If you have any questions about Digimon games, please freely fill it in.
    Text Input Box

    2- Gender

    3- Date of birth
    Format your birthday as such- April 1, 1990 as 19900401 (year, month, day, nothing in-between)

    4- Occupation
    Middle School Student
    High School Student
    Professional/College/College Student
    Adult (married)
    Adult (unmarried)
    Full-time house-wife/husband
    Other (input box)

    5- What Social Media do you currently use?
    Kakao talk
    No social media used/Other social media than listed

    6- What hardware do you currently have
    Nintendo 3DS series
    Nintendo Switch
    Xbox One
    Smartphone- iPhone
    Smartphone- Android
    Feature Phone
    Not listed
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    Q: Will there ever be a proper Digimon action figure again?!

    *sobs uncontrollably*

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